DC golf cart motor modification

These are photos of a project to modify a golf car motor for better performance, shwon along with a 3 vs 4 Muller type small alternator on shaft of motor too.
The golf car motor itself  has rewound motor coils as shown in upper photo - the thick single-wire origilnal motor winding was replaced with 12 paralell winds of much thinner wire (22GA) and then the power to the golf cart motor is "split" into just being connected to 4 of the 12 wires, with the ramaining 8 wires becoming "piickup/secondary" winds that create power whenever the 4 powered winds recieve power pulses.
Two additoal small wires are wound around a single core too, so that these could be a sort of "trigger" wind to turn ON-OFF switching of pickup winds intto load timed to be in-between actual motor coil pulsing...this could also be done with shaft-mounted  timing mechanism too...
Advantage of these modifications is that the motor becomes more effecient because of fact  the 4 wires has more surface area than a single thick one -  and electrons flow on surface of wire...other advantage is that the backemf and recoil spike can be gathered into these 8 induced wire, and this can be used to fill caps and charge 2nd battery stacks as motor runs as one possible use of this normally-wasted power.
The idea is to pulse out caps into load in-between the motor coil pulses; during their "off" time.
The recoil spikes is what usually causes damage to brushes and swtiching and restircts how much power a DC motor can draw - if this is steered and contained into caps then the motor can be run on more voltage and power than in stock form  too.