16 magnet Rotovertor-Muller

Photos above show working overunity system demonstrator now running in Sweden.
It has 16 N-S magnets in  rotor spun by the red  3hp rotovertor AC motor. The rotovertor motor itslef charges the large batteries shown underneath table while the mullergenrator charges the batteries shown to left on top of table 
The systme runs on about 40watts and can charge 20 or 30 battereis at once. The people in Sweden reported that since I left there this summer, they replaced the batteries with a special hydrogen fuel cell reactor, and got this sytem to "loop" (self run) .
Below is the construction of the rotor and the coils and stator plates of the Mullergenerator part of it.
The phtoos here show a plate-alternator of 16 magnets arranged N-S with the magnets imbedded and glued to a comon stell-cutting disc mounted to a 3hp rotovertor AC motor.
There are 20 coils mounted to the stator plates, and room forr 32.
Each coil at 1800rpm in this rotor makes 7A maximum and approx 18V,maximum, depending on the airgap distance between the coils and rotor magnets.
Resistive loading the coils to check watts, it is about 30watts approx per coil, depending on the airgap and the ohms value of the resistive load.
The coils can be shorted bridfly at sinewave peaks to increase voltage output into capacitor X20 wiht no resistive load.