Sedona Arizona Chelation Therapy Heavy Metal Detoxification– Mercury Toxicity

 Orthomolecular Alternative to Meds Center, and its Fresh Start program is located in Sedona, Arizona 86340, is revolutionizing its detoxification techniques.  These techniques were first used residentially at our center to help individuals combat anxiety attacks, psychosis and depression to assist the in getting off of psychiatric medications.  Originally, we had been treating mental health disorders with Orthomolecular Nutrition techniques and organic raw foods, which some produced positive results.  It wasn’t until we widely implemented detoxification techniques aimed at Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Aluminum, Cadmium and other poisonous metals, as well as some organic toxins such as pesticides and industrially based toxins, did we see people symptoms consistently improve.

Detoxification Theory

All toxins interfere with the natural processes of our bodies.  They affect our metabolism and our cellular respiration (energy), they affect our synthesis of neurochemistry, and to some degree the affect all biochemical functions. Our position became that anyone who wishes to maintain high physical and mental health should consider the following:
Detoxification as a permanent Lifestyle.  Due to growing amount of toxins we are coming into contact in our food, hygiene products, electrosmog, cleaners, air, water, and internal Microbes such as Candida, Lyme's disease and other biofilm producing pathogens, detoxification is an absolute must. 
Nurition, combined with Chelation Saunas and real time blood analysis, allows each person the exact dietary changes to heal their addiction to meds such as benzodiazepine withdrwal... specifically, and includes Mercury Detoxification Chelation therapy as integral the out advanced healing technologies.