Jon Adams

Conceptual Artist and Illustrator
















   Jon Adams

  • Interventionist Artist. 
  • Artist In Residence:   'Southern'
  • Leverhulme Artist in Residence Faculty of Technology University of Portsmouth 2008
  • Sonic Artist. 30 years Synthesiser sound. 
  • Dada Exchange Artist advirsor with Dada South. (Disability Arts Development Agency)
  • Book Illustration: 20 years practice, Internationally published by Reed/ Heinemann/ Hamlyn
  • Specialist Consultant in the disability Arts 2007-8 As Research Fellowship in Disability Arts 2007: Portsmouth University Faculty of CCI
  • ‘Creative champion’ for visual and disability arts: CIBAS and Arts Council England
  • AA2A scheme: Coordinator:
  •  Portsmouth University College of Art Design and Media


Events and projects 2008


  • ‘Art and Acoustics‘: CP project Mayfield School Portsmouth

  • Foyer ‘Drop in’ Art sessions: PCC Arts Services ‘Inspired’ Project

  • ‘Create Project’ Artist with SWIG, SCAFM: and Social Work Department University of Portsmouth

  • Pallant House Gallery: ‘Prepared Book’ Intervention and Partners For Art Plus Alternative Platform

  • ‘A Sensory Experience of Space’ New Theatre Royal Artist with CCI : Architecture Department


Writing, Conferences and Talks

  • ‘Art and visual thinking’ International Conference 2003: Falmouth College of art. Conference, ‘After dinner’ Guest speaker  
  • London AA2A National conference 2006 and 2007: Guest Artist and conference speaker, ACE. CHEAD.
  • 2 Chapters written for Dyslexia Handbook 07/08. International Publication BDA ‘Dyslexia and the arts’ and ‘Poetry and Dyslexia’
  • Portsmouth Film Festival 06 Sound Master class:  'Making the unreal real’ workshop Co-leader. 
  • ‘Dyslexia and Artists’ Lecture   Camberwell School of Art  London                        
  • Flying Start Rally, Brighton Dome 2007: Guest Speaker and social enterprise workshop leader
  • ‘On the level’ National disability Arts Conference, Bristol. Workshop leader, speaker and guest artist.
  • Artist in Residence:  Spinnaker Tower: Portsmouth: Interview based artwork.
  • Next steps:  CIBAS Day in the life of an artist, Gunwarf.
  • Appleford School: Guest of Honor Speechday 07
  • Living Newsletter’

    Talk at Pegasus theatre. DadaSouth
  • Memory Jogging

    CIBAS: ‘Space’ ADM Eldon  U of P


    • Deffective bullying: Third floor Arts Centre 2006 including 'Soundcube voices'
    • ‘On the level’ ‘space between’ 06-07 National ‘open’ commissioned by Artshape ‘Intrusion struckture 11’ and ‘dyslexic library’ selected for touring exhibition: Slimbridge ‘Gallery space’, Taunton ‘Brewhouse’, Holton Lee ‘Faith House’ Gallery, Salisbury galleries
    •  'In other words'. DADAsouth Exhibition. Weald Gallery, Cranbrook Library Kent. ACE:SE  3 boxed works, adapted books and prints. 
    • ‘First Holton Lee open’ National (and International)Disability Arts exhibition. 2 works chosen, ‘Devil drives a yellow car’ and ‘My school pen’
    • ‘Spotted at ICI'  : National exhibition with LDAF at  ICI London foyer Gallery Displaying ’Dyslexic Library' and ‘words for a Dyslexic’ through 2007
    • 'Soundcube voices’   Aspex Gallery: Portsmouth Requested by Arts Council England: South East and Gallery: 2 week showing
    • ‘She was submerged’ The gallery: Eldon building, Portsmouth  Curator: 06/07 artists AA2A exhibition: 7 works shown inc  'An elemental table'.
    • ‘Inspired’ open submission Exhibition.  Aspex Gallery: Portsmouth  Work shown: ‘who do you look up too’ comprising 157 labels hanging in gathered order
    • 'Dyslineation' including  ‘A Conversation walking through the park’ and ‘Waiting for the rain to stop’    2007 Portland Atrium: School of Architecture, University of Portsmouth,  Sound and performance piece: combining exhibition and ‘Yellow line’ Intervention
    • Yellow Line Intervention   Holton Lee 'Insiders' Openng
    • A Word in Your Eye

      "Write to Ignite", the Hackney Word Festival 07, September. Marie Lloyd Bar, Hackney
    • Velocity: Artist on trains for Folly  Lancaster         October 2007                                              

    • ‘Stones Throw ’ Intervention Exhibition: 'Space'          Eldon Building University of Portsmouth


    Awards and prizes


    • ‘One heart, One world’ 2001. Poetry winner for ‘International open’ Exhibition and book. NHK/ NADF Japannese Broadcasting corporation 
    •  Arts award’  1999 ‘as I see it’  British Dyslexia Association, DI and Sony National art and writing competition       
    • Arts award’  2000 ‘as I see it’  British Dyslexia Association, DI and Sony National art and writing competition 
    • Writing award’  2000 ‘as I see it’  British Dyslexia Association, DI and Sony National art and writing competition  
    • Art Plus 06, Organisation Final award winner 2006:  Arts Council England: South East / SEEDA: Participating Disability Artist with ‘Squaring the circle’ Dada South/ Portsmouth University.  Commissions 
    • Seed fund Award CIBAS: Seed Funding for Sound computer: ACE:SE    
    • Nominated for DADA-fest ‘visual artist’ award 2006. Short-listed to final 4. NWDAF: 
    • Nominated for RADAR 40th human rights award 2006: Final Short-list.
    • Social enterprise award winner, 'Guardian-Unltd 06. Awarded for CODA project working with dyslexic people in the Portsmouth area and to set up disability arts web site 
    • Art plus 07 Development Award 2006:  Arts Council England: South East / SEEDA  Individual award winner for Rail intervention project: ‘alternative Platform’  
    • ‘Judges’ prize at ‘First Holton Lee open’ National and International Disability Arts exhibition. 2 works chosen, ‘Devil drives a yellow car’ and ‘My school pen’  
    • Art plus 07 Final Award 2007: Arts Council England: South East / SEEDA  Individual final award winner for ‘alternative Platform’ an ongoing collaboration with  Southern Trains, Pallant House Gallery,  DADA South and Sifer Design. 
    • Nominated for ESF award 2007.  SEEDA and ESF
    • Unltd Level 2 non-financial award  Unltd

    • Highly Commended at 2nd Holton Lee open’ National and International Disability Arts exhibition. 2 works chosen, ‘all the words' and 'A letter of the Alphabet’ 
    • Leverhulme Award Artist In Residency at Faculty of Technology University of Portsmouth

    Recent Commissions:

    Pallant House Gallery.

    Soundscape’   Around Discrimination.


    University Of Portsmouth.

    DADAsouth.       Dada-map’       

     2007 Commission  for print and web based Graphic, ACE:SE

    SCAN/ Artsway

    Edward Lear foundation






    • ADC Art Disability and Culture magazine.

    • Disability Arts Online

    • Dada-South website

    • Arts Council England website

    • Portsmouth University Website

    • AN website April/ May 2007

    • AN Artists Newsletter May 2007 (2 items)

    • Times Higher    June 2007

    • Aubrey Pink 07

    • BDA website








    • Photography

    • Illustration

    • Sound

    • Computer Graphics

    • Animation

    • Video

    • Print

    • 3D

    • Fine Art

    • Found object

    • Performance