alternative platform dyslexic artist  jon adams ACE:SE Southern Trains SEEDA          hidden  disability

        Art Plus 07: Project on the South East Rail Network 2008

        Alternative Platform at Velocity  Festival of digital culture



   normal fault - my fault      


   Reverse fault - your fault 

Art Plus 07 Award: Alternative Platform 

The Art Plus Award Scheme for art in public places is a joint initiative by Arts Council England, South East, and SEEDA to commission and deliver public art of the highest quality, celebrating the place of art and artists in improving the environment.

Artwork on the regional rail network.

To include the production of a multimedia map of personal journeys in the style of the network rail map to reach a wide audience of the travelling public.

I plan to work with regional rail operators to produce a map of personal journeys in the style of the network rail map.  The map and artwork inspired by conversations and engagement will then be displayed in various formats: on the web, at major stations, on pocket timetables, moving display boards at stations or LED displays on trains.  The artworks will also use sound and graphics to reach a wide audience of the travelling public and rail staff.

Place stops on the map will be replaced by events from passengers’ own life stories.  Information will be gathered by travelling on relevant train routes and having conversations with passengers willing to disclose their stories or possibly hidden differences they have.  I am very dyslexic and I hope the project will address public misconceptions about hidden disabilities. 

I have recently changed direction from working as an illustrator to working in the public arena as a creative multimedia artist.  The Art Plus Award has enabled me to acquire skills and confidence to develop my ideas with the projects partners.