Capital Investment Funds

capital investment funds
    capital investment
  • Investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income {dividend}, or appreciation of the value of the instrument. It is related to saving or deferring consumption.
  • (Capital Investments) Money used to purchase permanent fixed assets for a business, such as machinery, land or buildings as opposed to day-to-day operating expenses.
  • (Capital invested (CI)) Capital invested comprises the assets on which the company must obtain a return by generating an appropriate cash inflow; in some cases the cost of ultimately reproducing the assets must be earned in addition.
  • A sum of money saved or made available for a particular purpose
  • A large stock or supply of something
  • (fund) a reserve of money set aside for some purpose
  • (fund) convert (short-term floating debt) into long-term debt that bears fixed interest and is represented by bonds
  • Financial resources
  • assets in the form of money
capital investment funds - The Hedge
The Hedge Fund Book: A Training Manual for Professionals and Capital-Raising Executives
The Hedge Fund Book: A Training Manual for Professionals and Capital-Raising Executives
An accessible guide to effectively operating in the hedge fund arena
Hedge funds are now in the news more than a thousand times a day and yet it is hard to find clear, factual information about how they operate, raise capital, and invest. The Hedge Fund Book provides real-world case studies of various hedge fund managers providing a solid foundation in specialized hedge fund knowledge for both financial professionals and those aspiring to enter this field.
It provides an analysis of funds within different phases of their life cycles and investment processes, and examines each cycle in ways that would be informational for marketers as well as investors, bankers, and financial professionals who would like to learn more about day-to-day hedge fund operations
Addresses everything you need to know about this popular segment of the financial industry within a case study format
Each chapter contains several types of investment and situational analyses, insights and best practices along with a review and "test your knowledge section"
Written by a successful hedge fund consultant and head of one of the largest hedge fund networking groups in the industry with more than 30,000 members
This book is required reading for participants within the hedge fund industry's leading designation program, the CHP Designation
If you're looking to gain a better understanding of hedge funds, look no further than The Hedge Fund Book.

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Fridge magnets spell 'funding'. I created this at the fridge door wall at the Eden Project, Cornwall.
Fund Our Future : Stop the Cuts - National Demonstration
Fund Our Future : Stop the Cuts - National Demonstration
Fund Our Future : Stop the Cuts - National Demonstration

capital investment funds
capital investment funds
Microfinance Investment Funds: Leveraging Private Capital for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
Microfinance investment funds are a recent development that will grow in importance. These funds expand the range of opportunities for financing microfinance institutions, enabling them to offer greater outreach and diversity of products for microentrepreneurs and small businesses. Microfinance now spans the range of finance, from the most simple enterprise to the complexity of capital markets. KfW actively promotes microfinance investment funds and other activities that facilitate the growth of microfinance. This book is an expression of KfW's role as information broker and trend setter. The authors who contributed to this collection offer a comprehensive range of perspectives and themes related to microfinance investment and its promotion.