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Foreighn Direct Investment

foreighn direct investment
    direct investment
  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to long term participation by country A into country B. It usually involves participation in management, joint-venture, transfer of technology and expertise.
  • The purchase of a controlling interest in a company or at least enough interest to have enough influence to direct the course of the company.
  • (Direct investments) Investments in which the investor holds legal title to a property
foreighn direct investment - Quicken Premier
Quicken Premier 2010 [OLD VERSION]
Quicken Premier 2010 [OLD VERSION]
Quicken Premier Personal Finance Software helps you easily budget and organize your finances, maximize investments and grow your net worth.

Quicken Premier 2010 has all of the features of Quicken Deluxe--plus investment management tools to help track your portfolio performance and help maximize your investments.

Provides comprehensive investing and planning tools. Click to enlarge.

Helps you make better buy/sell decisions. Click to enlarge.

Check in anytime to see exactly where your personal finances are for the week, month or year. Click to enlarge.

See your most important info in one place. Click to enlarge.

Getting started is a breeze. Click to enlarge.

Avoid late fees and penalties. Click to enlarge.
Easily manage and grow your investments
Includes all the features and tools of Quicken Deluxe, plus:

Organizes your personal finances--and makes portfolio management easier--by bringing your accounts together in one place
Helps you choose the right investments to reach your goals
Identifies ways to minimize taxes on your investments
Upgrading your Quicken? See "What's New in 2010" for the latest features and benefits
Features and Benefits
Provides comprehensive investing and planning tools
Easily track, analyze, and optimize your investment portfolio. You can see changes in assets, liabilities, and net worth with one click: we show how your investments are performing across all your accounts.
Helps you make better buy/sell decisions
We help you identify top-performing investments, so you can make smart decisions on buying or selling. For example, use Morningstar Ratings to compare mutual funds and see which ones best fit your investment management goals.
Shows you how to minimize taxes on your investments
Quicken Premier helps you get the maximum tax benefits on April 15th. It tracks cost basis, estimates capital gains, and exports your data directly to TurboTax for fast and accurate tax preparation.
Watch your savings grow
We make it easy to get on--and stay on--a budget. Set suggested spending limits and savings goals based on the information you enter into Quicken day-by-day.
An intuitive "Spending Planner" summarizes your actual spending and compares it to what you planned to spend for the month. Check your progress at a glance, and quickly see where you have room to spend or need to save more.
We can also help you create customized plans to reduce/eliminate debt--and to save for a house, college, retirement or large purchase.
See where your money's going
We'll show you what you have coming in, going out, and most importantly, what's left over to spend or save. Check in anytime to see exactly where your personal finances are for the week, month or year.
View your accounts all in one place
Organizes your financial information by bringing your accounts together in one place--including banking, credit card, loan, 401(k), and investing accounts. Avoid the hassle of going to multiple websites; now you can see it all with just ONE password. Access over 6,700 banks, brokerages and other financial institutions--including PayPal.2
Never miss a bill
See what bills have already been paid, what's coming up and if you have enough left in your accounts to cover them--all in one convenient place. Set reminders to pay bills on time and instantly check the status of past bills.
Enjoy free support when you buy, install or upgrade Quicken
If you need help purchasing, installing or upgrading your new Quicken personal finance software, free phone support is available. For more information, visit our Help & Support site.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you're not 100% satisfied, return your Quicken Premier 2010 personal finance software with your dated receipt within 60 days of purchase for a refund of the purchase price (return shipping and handling charges not included).
Save money and shop smart
Our free service--Quicken Picks--seeks out the best online coupons and discount offers just for you, on the stuff you care about. You also get cash back on all your purchases, helping you save even more. You can sign up for Quicken Picks anytime within your Quicken software.
Easily import from Microsoft Money
If you've been using Microsoft Money personal finance software, we can help you transfer your valuable financial information to Quicken.4 With our easy-to-use Data Converter tool, you'll be up-and-running with Quicken in practically no time.
What's New in 2010
Already using Quicken? Reasons to upgrade now:
New--See your most important info in one place
The new Quicken home page puts all your most important financial information in one easy-to-understand window, so you can see how you're doing at a glance.
Improved--Find the tools you need, faster
The improved menu and toolbar make it easier to find the tools you need to help organize your personal finances.
New--Getting started is a breeze
It's simpler than ever to put Quicken to work for you--so you can reach your personal finance goals faster. With the new Guided Setup, you just answer a few simple questions; we'll show you how Quicken works, and what to do next. You'll see your total financial picture come into focus even sooner than you expect.
New--Avoid late fees and penalties
We help you avoid overdraft fees and penalties--by showing you how much you'll have left in your account until your next paycheck.
Improved--Check for accuracy
We've made it easier to review your transactions, so you can quickly spot anything that looks inaccurate or out of place. If a transaction requires follow-up, you can flag it with a reminder.
Improved--Get tips from other Quicken users
With Quicken's Live Community, you can get help and advice from other Quicken users without ever leaving Quicken. If you have a question about something specific you're trying to do, just look to Live Community on the right of the Quicken screen for the answer.

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China: Health Care
China: Health Care
The lobby entrance of the BenQ Hospital in Nanjing, one of several private Taiwanese investments in China's medical industry.
China: Health Care
China: Health Care
A to scale model of the BenQ Hospital in Nanjing, one of several private Taiwanese investments in China's medical industry.

foreighn direct investment
foreighn direct investment
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