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Finding an Alternative Home Energy Electricity Provider may seem next to impossible, it appears there are no alternative home energy providers but in fact alternative home energy systems do exist and are becoming very popular. However, they are not quickly recognized because they come in different packages to what we are accustom to.

Governments recognize electricity energy is an essential commodity to life and industry and therefore very strict Government regulations are in place for many reasons including National Security. The methods and regulations in place for generating, transporting and delivery electricity energy to homes and industry prohibit any form of competitor to offer an alternative home energy supply.

The electricity energy supply system has been developed as populations have grown and Nations developed. This system is well designed to provide a reliable quality service to the population and industry as well as having redundant backup systems in the event of major failure; National Security had a lot of influence on this design. As a consumer when a provider of a service fails to perform or provide a good quality product for the price the solution is easy, simply move to another electric power utilities company provider. It is an inconvenience to do this but in all other service industries competitors normally make this change over very easy so that the transition to a new service provider is seamless with no service interruption. This cannot happen where there is only one service provider such as your electric power utilities. To understand why there are no alternative home energy suppliers available and why there is no competition to the Electric Power Utilities a little background to the evolution and development of electricity supply system is needed.

The Electricity Energy Provider System:

Very early in the life of electricity it became very apparent there were 3 main components in the electricity energy supply system, these were:

1. The Power Company or Electricity Production - the making of electricity energy is no small project; an energy source of some sort must be readily available to the production facility that will make the electricity and these energy sources are normally located some distance away from where the electricity energy is to be used.

2. Transmission Service or Delivery System - At first electricity energy power plants were power by coal and located close to major city centers, but this turned out to be a mistake as the pollutants of fly-ash and acid rain would drop on to the cities causing many problems. Coal electricity energy power plants were eventually moved away from the cities and of course Hydro Electricity Energy Power require rivers and dams that where located some distant from the major Centers. To get the electricity energy to the consumer required the construction of large high voltage power lines across hundreds and thousands of miles, these are called Transmissions Lines and delivered the electricity energy in Bulk to the area in need. As more electricity energy power stations came on-line these were connected into a number of Transmission Lines, and these where eventually Cross Linked.  This Cross Linking provided a backup so that if one part of a Transmission Line failed the electricity energy could be routed around the problem area with very little disruption to electricity service and supply; this is known as the Power Grid System.

3.    Electric Power Utilities Companies or Distribution System - When the electricity energy arrives at the location for use, it is in a very high voltage, it needs to be stepped down and distributed to the consumer in a usable safe voltage, normally 110 volts or 220 volt systems. This is done with a series of Transformers at various points on the power lines that eventually end at a business or households this is the Electric Power Utilities.

Governments where heavily involved in the building of this system, they had the large financial resources required to construct these projects; electricity energy became very important to the development of the country and its economic prosperity. Ownership and controls of this entire system remained with the Government up until the 1970s at which time Governments started privatization of public run Companies. In an attempt to prevent the occurrence of a monopoly in the electricity energy supply business Governments broke the system into the three parts and at the time disallowed a Company to owning multiply function of the electricity energy supply system. This meant the owners of electricity energy power plants could not be owners of transmission lines or electric power utilities companies. To further the appearance of free enterprise anybody was allowed to produce electricity energy and it is mandatory the Transmission Companies must purchase this surplus electricity energy at a pre-determined price established by the Government, who also regulate the Electric Power Utilities Companies of the selling price of electricity energy to the end consumer.
The Intention of Government was good and well founded at the time. However in the world of business, Big Companies have the ability to build a quagmire of Corporate Structures, this does allow them to take ownership and control of all three parts the electricity energy supply system. This gives the appearance that each part of the system is independent and a monopoly does not exist. In essences a small number of Companies control the entire electricity energy supply and still comply with the Governments regulation of monopolies. The capital cost is prohibitive to most private business to compete with these Electricity Energy Giants and due to their size and experience they are far more efficient at producing low cost electricity energy, in addition any competitor must sell the electricity energy supply to the Transmission Companies at the rates set by the Government, making it next to impossible for new Companies to compete. Regardless of this, the Electricity Energy System of today does work well and overall does provide a good service.

This is the reason why there are no alternative home energy providers, the complete electricity energy supply system is in effect operated and control by a silent monopoly. In theory competition and the free market system does exist; any company can generate electricity energy, provide an electricity energy transmission service or become an electric power utilities company. In practicality and reality it is simply not feasible; therefore finding an alternative home energy provider to switch over to as a new service provider is not possible because there are not any in existence.

Energy Requirements to Make Electricity

The common element to making electricity is energy. The main types of energy being used to produce electricity energy are:

1.    Hydro Power providing 7% of electricity energy demand. 
2.    Thermal or Steam Power providing 71% of electricity energy demand.
3.    Nuclear Power providing 19% of electricity energy demand.
4.    Natural or Renewable Power Wind and Solar providing 3% of electricity demand.

More detailed information of how electricity is made is at the links provided in the points above. The breakdown of the energy used in the production of electricity supply in the United States is in the Chart below: (source: courtesy of the EPA)

Not everyone has their home located on top of and energy supply like coal, oil or gas nor have access to a river or creek to be the energy source for their own alternative home energy electricity system.

Alternative Home Energy Systems:

Alternative home energy systems use the abundant natural energy supply around every home but up until recently it has not been practical or convenient for the common home to install one of these systems simply because of their size. The great thing about technology and human creativity is the ability to shrink things. For example 30 years ago the computer was a missive beast that required a large area in any office. Today that same amount of computing power has shrunk down to the size of a hand held home calculator and is found in every home. 

The development of micro-technology has provided the key to scaling down these natural energy devices to the same size as a regular house fan. The alternative home energy sources being used today to make home electricity energy are:

1. Wind Power Electricity - is currently being produced by wind mills at massive size wind farms. That same large wind generator now comes in a size that can be held in the hand, and this Wind Power Unit can supply enough electricity energy to operate an entire home.

2. Solar Energy - has made gigantic progress over the past few years in becoming smaller lighter and more efficient thanks in large part to NASA. Solar power is used on every satellite system and space explorer. Solar electricity energy is so efficient today that six solar panels can supply an entire home with electricity energy.

3.  Magnetic - The newest system invented in 1977 is the Magnetic Power Generator at the time it was about the same size as a car. The process of scaling down the size began in 1995 and is now been fine tuned to be a reliable system and compact to the size of a 21 inch television. The magnetic generators systems can power any size home and are currently are in the development phase for bigger output systems to be used in industry. There are 2 leading systems; a vertical stack and horizontal coupling. Being the newest system on the market it is going through rapid changes as well as unfounded criticism, and is continuity being upgraded to more powerful and compact units. Select Your Home Magnetic Generator.

Alternative home energy supply do exist today, and the methods come from a long standing proven technology, but it comes in a form that we are not familiar with, each of the above system requires some effort to the changeover, it is not as easy as picking up the phone and switching to another Internet Service Provider. It is a bit of an inconvenience to install an alternative home energy system it takes about the same effort as changing the oil in your car or hiring someone to do, an inconvenience but well worth the effort. 

Alternative Home Energy - Trends and Costs

The number of home switching over to their own electricity energy power supply is increasing daily, there are many reasons (see REASONS) for this increased in trend but primarily it has become very easy to install and maintain these systems by anyone that can use a screw driver and a hammer. Ten years ago the cost of purchasing and installing a full standalone alternative home energy system was $5,000 to $10,000, whereas today prices have dropped dramatically to anywhere between $200 for a do-it-yourself project to $1,400 for a turn-key system. These system are also getting so compact that once the system is installed they are almost invisible from the home exterior satisfying the city by-laws of visual an noise compliance, but electrical code inspection and fire by-laws still apply and connections should be done by Certified Professional Electricians, which is also required for insurance.

More details on each of these alternative home energy systems can be found in the Navigation Pane Window at the top left side of this web page as well as more details on the making and supply of electricity energy.

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