Welcome to our site, created to educate and publicize our goals.  Ultimately, our mission is to create an alternative cooking fuel for rural Kenya, which will be affordable and efficient source of energy to rural households in Kenya.  The objective of this project is to tackle three issues: unemployment, indoor air pollution, and deforestation.  

    The rural population takes up 61% of the total, providing a wide market for our product.  However, with 40% of the population unemployed, not counting the "under employed", one can imagine the poverty in these communities.  Despite these facts, there is an 85% literacy rate, which gives us the opportunity to employ educated and literate people to drive our mission.  These people would be Social Entrepreneurs, key players in our venture.


In order to provide an alternative fuel for the people of Kenya,
our Engineering team designed an Anaerobic Digester,
on a small-scale meant for households of around 4 people. 
When we go to Kenya, we will do a market assessment in the hope to find out parameters in order to scale it for different households and feed types.  We will then develop a matrix to easily organize this information.  Refer to page "Assessment Strategies" for more information!

For a nice introduction of our whole project, check out our YouTube videos!: