Iron and Wine - Promising Light

From The Creek Drank the Cradle

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The only thing of note: the bend on the 4th fret of the B and G strings isn't very big,
just enough to make it sound like a stylistic sort of thing.



Time and all you gave
I was the jerk who preferred the sea
To tussling in the waves
Tugging your skirt singing please, please, please

Now I see love
Tracked on the floor where you walked outside
Now I seek love
Looking for you in this other girl's eyes

Time and all you took
Only my freedom to fuck the whole world
Promising not to look
Promising light on the sidewalk girls

Now I see love
There in your car where I said those things
Now I see love
Tugging your skirt singing please, please, please

Time and all you gave
There on your cross that I never saw
Well beyond the waves
Dunking my head when I heard you call

Now I see love
There in the scab where you pinched my leg
Now I see love
There on your side of the empty bed