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Power Supply

This project is for a power supply. Here are the specs:
  • Outputs:
    • +5V
    • +12V
    • +1.2V to +37V
  • LED 7-Segment display for displaying the output on the variable outputs. (2x 3digits)
  • LEDs for showing the states of the relays. (5x 5mm Red LEDs)
  • Buttons for switching the outputs on and off. (6 buttons)
  • Potentiometers for setting the value of the variable outputs. (2x 10k pots)
  • Serial connection with the possibility of controlling the supply from the computer.
  • Arduino (AVR ATmega) for connecting...
    • 1 MAX7219 (display controller)
    • 2 MCP4131s (digital pots for the variable output)
    • 6 Buttons (for controlling the relays)
    • 1 FT232 (USB-to-Serial converter)
  • Easy to build, without to much SMD parts and with easy to get parts.

Here is a block diagram of the supply: (the actual version doesn't use the 78xx or the LM3xxT, not the relays, it uses LM2576 instead)
(click for larger image)

As soon as I have a working prototype I will post more images, but for now I only have attached the actual eagle file and a img file from the first version.

Mar 6, 2011, 4:29 AM
Mar 12, 2011, 1:09 PM