Rosh Hashanah - Yom Kippur

Dipping the apple into the I sat with the Russian Jewish senior community that has adopted me into their Mishpucha, I listened to the rabbi during an abbreviated high holiday service
what came to awareness was how a community or congregation of people
confessing together any and all
unfulfilled promises or commitments,
regrets and grudges,
or harmful actions,
regardless of who in particular may or may not have committed any of them,
with intention that even if I may have found it difficult to do so on my own...
all is now forgiven by a power greater than me 
and in exchange I am given awareness to recognize that all those events are but memories of images of events that "no longer exist"
empowering me to begin anew.

The apple trees and the bees could not care less about what I did, 
they simply appreciate that I let out a sigh of relief... exhaling guilt free air. - Alter'Nathan