My encounter and journey into “Rapid Resolution Therapy

I learned of a “‘Vets Journey Home weekend” that had used “RRT” to bring significant lasting relief to a man suffering from combat related PTSD. Following the process the man could recall the event but no longer experienced emotional triggering or trauma around it.

After a colleague completed his RRT training I volunteered to be processed around childhood abuse related PTSD and experienced a noticeable beneficial shift. I was no longer triggered by recalling those past events and had little interest in recalling them, they had lost their importance

The shift and my subsequent RRT certification training caused me to become clearer and keenly aware of what was useful and beneficial and what was not. Over the past two years practicing the RRT facilitation skills, I can report that the results of many participants has been remarkable.

This past March my brother a psychologist of about 40 years in practice joined me for an RRT training. He reported that he and his practice have shifted in a way that continues to invigorate him and transform his clients.

Anyone that does facilitation could register for these trainings.