During my time at New College another amazing professor "Theresa Dickinson" (my dance instructor) managed to get me to utter the words "I'm a dancer". For the past nine years I've gained valuable learning experiences within the Mankind Project Community. I'm Yoga To The People teacher trained and continue to deepen my yoga practice primarily at their 16th st. studio.

Generally joyful and curious of this adventure of the human condition. I like to commune, connect, gather, cook, cuddle, bake, taste, savor, walk, hike, dance (on occasion to live music), make art, chant, strum on a guitar, bang on a drum, swim, travel, meditate, initiate, listen to and on occasion make music and beneficial mythology.

Were he still alive, Alan Watts might offer that I am one who has picked up bits and pieces and integrated the interrelated ideas of Buddhist, Jainism, and Taoists teachings among others and that the current expression of this organism’s continually evolving spiritual identity is of a scientific spiritual observer, participant and facilitator. 

Continually changing and evolving, I seek satisfying accuracy in the beliefs that inform my moment to moment experience.