"Facilitating awareness of what is useful and beneficial"

In shavasana (recently attended yoga teacher training with Yoga To The People SF).
While attending school in Maryland I was introduced me to the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs and invited me to attend workshops at the Adlerian Institute, some time after I would be invited by the Montgomery County Mental Health Association to be trained as a facilitator in their "Middle Earth Youth Services" program. Somewhere around this time my older brother Alan upon returning from a trip out west would gift me a book by Ken Keyes Jr. 

It was a program of mindfulness studies "Body Mind Living Love" at Ken Keyes College in Coos Bay,OR would attract me to the west coast and also gift me a new friend in a gracious enlightened "Janette" who would later welcome and support my bay area journey.

Along the way I've explored, sampled, gathered and integrated skills and practices from various modalities. While attending New College of CA I was challenged, supported and encouraged by professors Mildred Dubitzky,  Steven Ducat and Theresa Dickinson before receiving a bachelors degree with an emphasis in dance, social change and psychology.

When I'm not busy baking "noms" or in savasana, I practice a mind healing modality called Rapid Resolution Therapy. I’m available for sessions in San Francisco by appointment.