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Modern Warfare 2 Admin Tool v3.0

Modern Warfare 2 Admin Tool is a program that allows you to take charge of the AlterIWnet MW2 game you are hosting. It allows you to kick and ban cheaters, execute console commands, change the map, change game mode, view you IP address, and much more easily while in game. You have to be host to use the main features of this program. There is are both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of this program.

Note: This program will only work with AlterIWnet version of Modern Warfare 2. It will not work with the Steam version.

Release Info

The latest version of this program is version 3.0 which was released on November 23, 2010.


-Kick players
-Ban players
-Change map
-Change game type
-Fast restart map
-Change score limit
-Change time limit
-Change number of rounds
-Change maximum amount of players (max clients)
-Change FOV (Field of View)
-Execute console commands while in game
-View your IP while in game

How to use MW2 Admin Tool

A voice will alert you in game if you become host. You can open the menu while playing with the [numpad *] key and navigate between the menu items with [numpad +] (up) and [numpad -] (down), cancel the process with [numpad /], and of course execute a process with the [enter] key.