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How To Rip Tights

Today we come with a “how to…” article for girls (although I don’t see anything wrong in guys wearing this), anyway let’s assume that we are in a remote town with no gothic clothes shop and we want to do something different with our clothes…


How to Rip your tights

ripping tights



First thing you are going to need is a pair of very thick tights, the ticker the better although I suppose that there could be opinions about that last sentence, anyway what it’s sure is that you shouldn’t do this with fishnet tights and that the thicker the tights are the longer they’ll last.


Even then don’t assume that they are going to last forever, tights tends to follow a simple rule: when there is a hole in them (no matter if it’s big or small) that hole tends to expand until the tights are useless.


You’ll have to live with that…


Next thing you are going to need is something sharp, the ideal tool is a cutter that you will have to handle with certain caution, you could also use a knife or scissors if you don’t have any cutter around but the cutter is a much better tool for this.


Having said this, let’s get to work, first thing you should do is to wear the tights, doing that you will kill 2 birds with a single shot: first is that tights will be tense and that will make easier to create the holes, the second one is that the holes will be made where you want them to be.


Next it’s time to create the holes, for doing that we will pick the tights near where we want the hole and pull it slightly for separating it from the skin.


Once the tight is far enough from your skin and caring of not creating a very bloody and unpleasant situation apply a really small cut with your cutter.


You’ll notice that even making a really small hole translate into a bigger than expected hole so try to avoid cutting big holes with your scissors or knife.


Repeat this process until you feel comfortable with the number of holes that you are going to wear.


Finally grab the tights and pull them strongly until you make the holes as big as you want.


There is another technique for creating the holes, its scientifical name is “do the beast”, it consists in grabbing the tights and pull them strongly until they break without the help of any cutter scissors or knifes, the result is a much more “rotten” effect but it’s much harder to control the holes this way and therefore you run a bigger risk of having to throw the tights to the trash without wearing them even once.


Plenty of times you will create shreds that looks cool (specially using “do the beast” technique) then you have 2 options, one is to leave it like that, it will look cool but maybe it creates a too big hole, second is to “repair” it by tying to another shred opposing the first one.


I’m almost sure that you will have to use this repairing technique in the future when eventually you tights decides to break in the middle of your best dance, but don’t worry for that, this kind of repairs looks cool too.