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Woodbury Study Abroad '06 / Aubervillier, Paris / Collaborator: Jorge Mata / Advisor: Ingalill Walhroos-Ritter, Norman Millar

Study Abroad_Aubervillier, Paris

During the Woodbury University Summer Abroad Program
2006, four weeks were spent exploring Aubervillier, 
a province on the north western border of Paris, France.
The area is an import/export
 center for overstock items
being shipped 
in through an adjacent canal. Our strategy 
was to accommodate residential, green and public space to
create a new 
local identity.  A community where people
live and work rather than commute. The first step
was to conduct 
comprehensive evaluation of the site 
to determine how the existing building space could be
properly utilized 
using the existing FARs (Floor Area Ratios).

After the FARs for each individual parcel of property were
calculated and
 analyzed, they were separated into various
typologies. The typologies were
 then reorganized to
properly distribute
 their use throughout the site and 
accommodate new ones, such as schools, shops and
residential living.  The canal
 was extended into the site
to promote
 commerce, while creating a bridge in which
social and industrial space would
 be separated and

The Canal is extended through the site and the remaining
program is reordered 
according to program parameters that 
are layered on top of one another.  Each typology is given
the proper 
amount of space according to existing FARs,
growth predictions, residential and commercial mandates.