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Woodbury Study Abroad '06 / Nanjing, China / Collaborator: Jorge Mata / Advisor: Catherine Herbst, Norman Millar

Study Abroad_Nanjing, China

In the Woodbury University Study Abroad
of 2006, three weeks were spent
at South East 
University in Nanjing, China.
interventions were proposed
to respond to
 the conditions, missed
opportunities and 
unmet needs of the site.
The most 
notable aspect of the city was
the idea of 
‘Lick andStick Architecture,’
where people 
tended to glue program and 
systems onto the existing buildings,
their needs and changing
the use of 
their homes.

An active facade was created to respond 
to these needs. An infrastructural 
framework that would allow systems to 
be plugged into the city. This scaffolding 
would act as a second skin,
accommodating: signage, louvers for
and ventilation, vegetation,
plumbing, air
conditioners, stoves and
propane tanks.

The neighborhoods are constantly 
changing and the scaffolding system
 allow the inhabitants a method to
 new and different programs
onto their homes
 and businesses as
needed. As well as a chance
 to use
natural vegetation for shade, food and

general health.

Utilizing this system, the exterior would
create a
 buffer between public and private
 allowing sheltered walkways and
  Inhabitants could implement
new elements on
 the facade,
accommodating business and
environmental issues such as signage,
sun, wind
 and rain. The residents could
apply any other
 means of use for
themselves or their business