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1916 Altered standing-liberty-head-quarter

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  Hermon Mac Neil Designed this Quarter.The first specimens showed the figure of Miss Liberty draped in robing with her right breast showing, this was call "type I" and appeared on the 1916 and the early strikes of 1917. The public was enraged at this specimen because of the disrespect  it showed to the public and, a mockery was being made of the nations proud Miss liberty. A Type II Miss Liberty was born. This showed another piece of garment covering Miss liberty's breast. This bring us to "How to detect Altered 1916 Quarters". First lets discuss the mintage of this coin. Only 52,000 coins minted, all business strike and released to the public. Not many coins survived in Mint State. Even in very low grade this coin is pricey. With the mintage and how collector supplies are low, it makes a great coin to alter. The best way to find the altered or counterfeit coins is to know the main focal points of each coin and were to look for them. the 1916 -On the fold of Miss Liberty's gown the lower part is rounded and flat across the bottom. the most likely coin to alter would be the 1917 type I. the 1917 Type I was the first part of the year before the additional upper garment was used to cover her breast. the 1917 lower drapery fold is oval shape. The 1916 carries a high premium compared to 1917 type I counterpart. when the 7 is chanced to a 6 on 1917 "type I" this diagnostic is help full in detecting it.