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Flower Factory Locations

flower factory locations
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flower factory locations - Photo Carrying
Photo Carrying the flowers back to the factory. Bleeker St., N.Y. Location: New York, New York State 1912
Photo Carrying the flowers back to the factory. Bleeker St., N.Y. Location: New York, New York State 1912
Working as an investigative photographer for the National Child Labor Committee, Lewis Hine (1874-1940) documented working and living conditions of children in the United States between 1908 and 1924. These photos are useful for the study of labor, reform movements, children, working class families, education, public health, urban and rural housing conditions, industrial and agricultural sites, and other aspects of urban and rural life in America in the early twentieth century. Photo Carrying the flowers back to the factory. Bleeker St., N.Y. Location: New York, New York State 1912. Reprint is 16 in. x 12 in. on archival quality photo paper.

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Pioneer Flower Mill
Pioneer Flower Mill
Guenther Flower Mill, photo taken 1926. The river was moved to the other side of the complex when it was widened and channeled in the 70's. Trained as a millwright in his native Germany, Carl H. Guenther (1826-1902) started his San Antonio operation in 1859 at the site of the present Pioneer Flour Mills. In 1868 he built another dam and mill upstream at this location. Because it was closer to town, the upper mill was an outlet for products from both plants. About 1900 the Guenther family began operating exclusively from the downstream facility. The vacated upper mill housed a macaroni factory, an ice cream company, and later a garage. In 1926 the structure was razed to widen the San Antonio River.
Red-Keeled Flower Pecker
Red-Keeled Flower Pecker
This endemic Philipine bird never fails to fascinate me. Rare and elusive and only 3 to 4 inches big, it's a real opportunity to capture it's image. I used the Canon EOS 20D with a Sigma 50-500 mm BIGMA DG to take this shot at f/8 and 1/500 @ ISO 800. Location: Mt. Tabor, Talamban, Cebu City

flower factory locations