Special fx make up : Wet and wild make up.

Special Fx Make Up

special fx make up
    make up
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  • FX is a six-issue comic book limited series written by creator Wayne Osborne and drawn by John Byrne. It's published by IDW Publishing. The series was the result of a life-long comics fan living his dream by hiring a professional artist to bring his creation to life.
  • FX Greece is a television network, launched by the Fox Broadcasting Company, which launched on 1 March 2010 and is currently available to the subscribers of Conn-x TV and NOVA Greece. The channel has a huge success in Greece
  • Foreign exchange
  • VFAX for Naval Fighter Attack Experimental was actually two specifications for two US Naval fighter projects. The first was for a low cost lightweight complement for the F-111B which could replace the F-4 Phantom II for air superiority, escort, and ground attack missions in the early 1960s.
  • Unusual (visual or sound) effects
special fx make up - Robeez Soft
Robeez Soft Soles Kids' Special Occasion Flat,White,6-12 Months (2.5-4 M US Infant)
Robeez Soft Soles Kids' Special Occasion Flat,White,6-12 Months (2.5-4 M US Infant)
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Ghostly Girl
Ghostly Girl
I was asked to do some Special Effects Make up for short movie called 'Death is a Very Long Time' a Josh Darling Production. I got to Gore up my beautiful model Allessandra who played the angry spirit in the film. I actually got to work with real Fx-make up for a change. to achieve this effect it too about $50 & 4 hours of work time. I'm very proud of the ending result!! <3
Special FX Guys Look Pleased With The Make Up
Special FX Guys Look Pleased With The Make Up
Film Neopan 400 pushed to 1600. Praktica MTL 50. Developed and scaned by Andy Lynch. Here is some shots i took while volentering as a stills photographer for a pilot comedy show. heres hopeing you will see it on the telly in the future! These two where the FX make up artists. its a shame you cant see just how good their prostetics were in the B&W.

special fx make up