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  Site Updated 1/17/2017
   I have not been working on the tracker a little but but mostly been working on a customer tractor cab with  heater system. I posted pictures of this under "my other projects".

  Also I added a Bulletin Board to the site that  you can use to drop a comment if you have something to say. Also make sure to join the Facebook Alsport tracker home page !
  This site is about the Alsport Tracker  amphibious snowmobile. I purchased a few of these machines over the years, and am in process of restoring one of them now. They are unusual as they can travel on land, water, or snow.   They were offered in 3 different models with different options available. The Sno-Sport was a 4 seat model, the GT15 shown on right, and the 210.  An optional trailer called the tracker mate was also sold as an option. 
   They have electric start and reverse with tires to replace the skis for off season driving. 
   The tracker was made by the alsport company of Norwalk Ohio who also made motorcycles (Steen), trykes (Tri-Sport), Utility Vehicles, and traditional snowmobiles (Boa-Ski).
   The tracker is a fun machine to drive and quite easy to work on. Being 30 years old, it does not compare in performance to todays snowmobiles, but what would. 
  The attraction for me was restoring something that is unusual and a fun project. I have had other AATV 6X6 machines over the years and restored a few of them.  I found the tracker to be the most fun to drive. 
  Check the links on the left for details of the restorations.
    I have some spare parts available and am also looking for spare parts. If you have anything to sell let me know !  
 I am not looking to resell parts for a profit, but rather trying to keep these available for others also restoring a machine. 
  Chad  Detaege     C86tail@aol.com

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