Greatest Moments In Canada Hockey History : Hockey Scholarships In Canada.

Greatest Moments In Canada Hockey History

greatest moments in canada hockey history
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  • Hockey refers to a family of sports in which two teams play against each other by trying to maneuver a ball, or a puck, into the opponent's goal, using a hockey stick.
  • field hockey: a game resembling ice hockey that is played on an open field; two opposing teams use curved sticks try to drive a ball into the opponents' net
greatest moments in canada hockey history - The Greatest
The Greatest
The Greatest
Three months after Allen (Pierce Brosnan) and Grace’s (Susan Sarandon) son dies, Rose (Carey Mulligan) shows up on their doorstep pregnant with his child. At first her arrival stirs up their emotions and threatens to tear the family further apart, but as time passes, she may just be the very thing that brings them back together.

Writer-director Shana Feste took Sundance by storm with her directorial debut, The Greatest, which was nominated straight out of the gate for a Grand Jury Prize. And no wonder. The Greatest is a heartfelt drama about the most real human emotions--love, grief, and hope--and its cast brings so much heart and depth to the story that it immediately becomes relatable. The star power is considerable, especially for a first-time writer-director. While Susan Sarandon gives her usual professional, layered performance, it's really Pierce Brosnan as her husband who is the true revelation here; this may be the best dramatic performance of Brosnan's career. Sarandon and Brosnan play a happily married couple (Grace and Allen) whose lives are shattered when their beloved teenage son, Bennett (Aaron Johnson), is suddenly killed in a car accident. As the stricken parents try to grasp the tragedy, they meet the young teenager, Rose (Carey Mulligan), who is carrying Bennett's baby. As the three strangers--who share something so deep and powerful it crosses all barriers--slowly get to know each other, the new relationships, suspicions, and new kinds of grief threaten to take them all down. And yet, the message throughout The Greatest is of hope and how life does--must--continue after tragedy. Mulligan is a nuanced and delicate actress and plays the not-quite-trustworthy Rose like a second skin--or maybe a rose thorn that rubs away at Allen and Grace's marriage. "It's not just all about you and your grief, Grace," Allen says as Grace escalates her dislike of the new stranger in their midst. The Greatest contains strands of previous excellent films like In the Valley of Elah, Rambling Rose, and even American Beauty, and fans of genuine drama and fine acting will not want to miss it. --A.T. Hurley

77% (10)
And this is the puck, stick, gloves and net from Sidney Crosby's overtime winner in the Vancouver gold medal game. (Note: the IIHF ranked the 100 greatest moments in international hockey history. The Miracle on Ice placed first, with the Canada-Soviet Summit Series in 1972 coming second. This had no ranking -- it was placed "out-of-category." I would say so. No offense to the Miracle on Ice, which had the atmosphere and the situation beyond compare. Greatest upset in the history of sport. But: for pure skill and talent, the gold medal game in 2010 might just have been the finest game ever played. Seriously.)
112/365: Well Done U.S.A.
112/365: Well Done U.S.A.
Despite a tough loss to Canada in the gold medal game for Men's Hockey, I'd say that overall the US had a strong outing in these Olympic games. Bode Miller finally claimed a gold medal, the 4-man bobsled team won gold for the first time since 1948, and Apollo Anton Ohno became the most decorated American athlete in Winter Olympics history. So many other great moments, too numerous to list. I salute the Americans for a job well done. See you guys in Russia in 2014!

greatest moments in canada hockey history
greatest moments in canada hockey history
Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America
Welcome to Pawnee: More Exciting than New York, More Glamorous than Hollywood, Roughly the Same Size as Bismarck, North Dakota
In Pawnee, Leslie Knope (as played by Amy Poehler on NBC's hit show Parks and Recreation) takes readers on a hilarious tour through her hometown, the Midwestern haven known as Pawnee, Indiana. The book chronicles the city's colorful citizens and hopping nightlife, and also explores some of the most hilarious events from its crazy history--like the time the whole town was on fire, its ongoing raccoon infestation, and the cult that took over in the 1970s. Packed with laugh-out-loud-funny photographs, illustrations, and commentary by the other inhabitants of Pawnee, it's a must-read that will make you enjoy every moment of your stay in the Greatest Town in America.
Praise for Pawnee
"Carrying this book around is a good way of picking up girls with glasses."
--Tom Haverford
"I have read over four books, and this is by far the one that has me in it the most."
--Andy Dwyer
"Literally the greatest endeavor of human creativity in the history of mankind."
--Chris Traeger