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review questions      last year's test questions
hangman............heroic ants
quiz .............  typing speed test
test ..............  nothing but net
hungry bug .............. quick math
unscramble ............ staries
word chop ............ ghost man

Class News: Jaguars are now in the process of studying
                       Genetics and Heredity-

Games & Activities

1. BrainPop- heredity

2. cells alive- Interactive GAME

3. Click & Clone Mimi the mouse

4. Cloning fake or fact quiz- GAME

5. DNA fingerprinting simulation

6. Drag and drop pedigree

7. dragon genetics- GAME

8. gene scene

9. Genetic experiments/labs

10. Genetics for kids

11. Genetics for kids/ interactive

12. Genetics games

13. Genetics review games

14. genetics simulations

15. Heredity Learning acitivity -gsk

16. I am my own grandpa song

17. interactive pea experiment

18. Learn Genetics- mouse party

19. Punnett practice problems

20.punnett square game

21. Punnett square practice problems 2

22. Race the cell interactive

23.  Fingerprint Matching- Crime Game


The gene scene

25. The ology of genetics

26. Try cloning a dog

27. Virtual DNA extraction

28. Virtual lab

29. Who's your daddy genetics

30. Drag and drog pedigree- GAME

31. Genetics Quiz- Hard 2

32. Sex determination & color blindness- GAME

33. Genetics crossword- GAME

34. Extract DNA- Simulation

35. Cloning- Fact or Fake?- GAME

36. Pea experiment- GAME

37. Clone a dog- GAME

38. Cells Alive- Interactive

39. Copy cat- GAME

40. Click and clone Mimi the mouse- GAME

41. DNA fingerprint the culprit- GAME

42. Match the karyotype- GAME

43. Pass the Genes- GAME

44.  practice problems- Interactive

45. Who's your daddy?- GAME

46. Mendel's peas- GAME

47. Heredity Jeopardy- GAME

48. Punnett square- Interactive examples

49. Human Genetics puzzle- HARD- GAME

50. Dragon meiosis- GAME

51. Genetics wordsearch- GAME

52. Genetics quiz- Hard

53. DNA fingerprinting lab- GAME

54. Heredity wordsearch- GAME

55. Drag and drop pedigree- GAME


57. Genetics hangman-GAME

58. Dog breeding-GAME

59. Drag and drop genetics- GAME

60. Nat geo slide puzzle-GAME

61. Science jigsaw puzzles-GAME

62. Genetics vocabulary review- GAME

63. Interactive Punnett Square review- activity

64. Seed Game

65. Online Genetics Quiz

66. Punnett square lab- GAME

67. Interactive pedigree- Simulation

68. Genetic counseling pedigree- GAME

69. dragon breeding- GAME

70. Gregor Mendel and peas- GAME

71. Genetic Breeder- GAME

72. Punnett square practice and chickens- GAME

73. Tongue rolling pedigree- GAME

74. Genetics practice problems

75. Genetics Matching Review-GAME

76. Genetics vocabulary quiz

77. Simple Genetics Quiz

78. Genetics Quiz

79. Mendel Genetics- Quizlet- Scatter Match

80. Mendel Genetics- Quizlet- PRETEST

81. CSI Adventure

82. Genetics silent movie

83. Genetics & Its History activities

84. Nature vs. Nurture mystery-game



(¯`’•.¸(♥)¸.•’´¯)Review for the TEST(¯`’•.¸(♥)¸.•’´¯)

1. Study Stack- reproduction- matching

2. Study Stack- reproduction- hangman

3.Study Stack- reproduction- crossword

4. Study Stack- reproduction- word scramble

5. Study Stack- reproduction- word chop

6. Study Stack- reproduction- fill in the blank

7. Study Stack- reproduction- practice quiz

8. Study Stack- reproduction- practice TEST

9. Study Stack- reproduction- study table

10. Study Stack- reproduction- bug match

11. Study Stack- reproduction- hungry bug


Everything Quiz #7

Everything Quiz #8

Everything Quiz 9


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Pretest Genetics

  April 4th Asexual Reproduction 

One is Not the Loneliest Number

    April 5th Asexual Reproduction-Scavenger Hunt Engage Tab

Genetic Slide show

Punnett Square Practice

Punnett Square Practice 2

Elephant Article

Los elefantes tienen mas genes anticancer

Patterns of Inheritance

Composition of Earth's atmosphere

Water and Energy Transfer

Atmosphere and layers

Ozone the Good and the Bad

Energy Transfer

enery transfer water cycle EXPLORE TAB

Clouds, Winds and Fronts

Reading a weather map

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