ELA w/Plambeck

There is a requirement for students to read 30-45 minutes each night at home.  

Bulldog Beat Schedule

Word Games for Charity

  • Free Rice - "For every answer you get right, The World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to help end world hunger."
  • Free Charitii - "Play multiple-choice crossword puzzles for a charity of your choice."


Reading Resources

Writing Resources 

Word Study Resources

Evaluation Resources


In this class we...
  • participate
  • talk to learn
  • come prepared
  • do our best work
  • speak one at a time
  • sit facing the front of the room
  • pay attention/listen/stay focused
  • close laptops to 45 degrees for lessons
  • are considerate of others’ feelings, ideas, and needs
  • respect each other
  • don’t distract others
  • organized (out of the way)
  • keep tidy - personal items neatly 
                      Reading/Writing Workshop Expectations
                      • TRY!
                      • Whisper.
                      • Work quietly.
                      • Read in your head.
                      • Enjoy flexible seating.
                      • Use your eyes and ears.
                      • Respect personal space.
                      • Cooperate/support each other.
                      • Focus on your reading & writing.
                      • Sign up for reading conferences when you need them.
                        Lessons (weeks ordered most to least recent)