Iraqi Sculptor & Painter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Sculpture                                Painting           Drawing

-Born in Diwanya / Iraq 1971
-Bachelor sculpture College Of Fine Arts /Baghdad University/1994
-Member of The Iraqi Plastic Artists Society.
-Member of The Iraqi Artist association.

Resident in the Abbaye de La Prée  2005-2008  Ségry - France

One man show:
- French Cultural Centre/ Baghdad 1999

Abbaye de La Prée /France 2006

Exhibition and movie-show about the daily life of the artist

in the "espace culturel Acerma" 2006

Exhibition during live concert - Abbaye de La Prée July 2007

Exhibition in the Hospital of Issoudun from 17th of Nevember to 1st of December 2007


- exhibition of Fine Art College/ Baghdad 1994
- exhibition of Babylon Festival 1995
- exhibition of Mohr Al Dain for youth artists/ Athar Gallery 1998
- Most exhibitions held in Hewar gallery including:-
1- Miniatures exhibition 2002
2- The exhibition of the sculptors paint 2002
- Most exhibitions held in Al Mizzan gallery including:
- The exhibition of the Iraqi graphic .2001
- The exhibition of the forgotten country Paris/ Paris Municipality 2000
- The 44th Annual international Awarded Exhibition.sanDiego.2000
- The exhibition of the wounded country Amman /Jordon 2000
- Biennial Al Sharja. U.A.E /2001
- Narrow Space Gallery, Clonmel Ireland ,June,18th ,2004
The Annual Art Ireland International Art Fair, Dublin 19 to 21 November. 2004

Exhibition of "ancients residents of the Abbaye de La Prée" in the "L'association Pour Que l'Esprit Vive" - 18th October to 1st December 2007 Paris

Exhibition The Iraqi artists of the last quarter of the twentieth century "Des artistes iraquiens du dernier quart du XXème siècle" during the iraqi cultural week in Salle Miro' - Maison de l'UNESCO 12th- 21th of November 2007, Paris

Public Sculpture:

- In the garden of French Cultural Centre Baghdad

- In the garden of Abbaye de La Prée - Ségry - France 2007


- Appreciative prize Ismail Fetah contest for youth Iraqi sculptors/ Hewar gallery 1999
- The First prize Ismail Fetah contest for youth Iraqi sculptors /Hewar gallery2000