Famous People that have ALS

  • Obviously the number one famous person that was the first person to get ALS was Lou Gehrig, who died from the disease in 1941. 
  • Professor Stephen Hawking also has ALS, and was diagnosed when he was 21.

             Steven Hawking and Lou Gehrig

  • Chinese military leader Mao Zedong died from ALS in 1976.
  •  American blues musician Huddie Ledbetter died from ALS in 1949.
  • American jazz bassist Charles Mingus died from ALS in 1979.
  • American actor Lane Smith died from ALS in 2005.
  • Academy-Award winning English actor David Niven died from ALS in 1983.
  • Football player Don Revie died from ALS in 1989.
  •  American metal guitarist Jason Becker was diagnosed with ALS when he was 20.
  • United States Navy Pilot Dieter Dengler died of ALS in 2001.
  • Mathematician Fokko du Cloux died of ALS in 2006.
  • British musicologist Stanley Sadie died of ALS in 2005. British musician
  • Hans Keller died of ALS in 1985.
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