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Names Of Playground Equipment

names of playground equipment
    playground equipment
  • A playground or play area is a place with a specific design for children be able to play there. It may be indoors but is typically outdoors (where it may be called a tot lot in some regions. )
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  • Identify by name; give the correct name for
  • Give a particular title or epithet to
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Vesuvio Playground, Downtown NYC
Vesuvio Playground, Downtown NYC
Vesuvio Playground, formerly known as Thompson Playground, takes its name from the popular Italian bakery on nearby Prince Street. The bakery is owned by community leader Anthony Dapolito and has been family operated since it was founded in 1920. Dapolito has played an important role in the Greenwich Village and SoHo Communities for decades both in the acquisition and development of open spaces. He has been an active member of Community Board 2 since 1955. Land for this playground was acquired in three parcels over the course of twenty-eight years. In 1929 and 1930 Parks purchased two parcels mid-block on Thompson Street. The playground was developed with a comfort station, swings and benches arranged around a large central wading pool. In 1957 Parks expanded the property south to Spring Street and west to Sullivan Street. This additional land was the site of a warehouse, two commercial garages, and two buildings for business and residence, structures typical of the Little Italy-SoHo area. The buildings were razed, and the entire playground was redeveloped. The improvements expanded the program of the playground from a tot lot for small children to a recreational facility for all ages. A spray shower was created in the place of the wading pool, more play equipment and gingko trees were added, and a new sandbox, handball courts, basketball courts, and boccie courts were built. The mini-pool was installed in the late 1960s.
Chesney Park - Topeka, Kansas
Chesney Park - Topeka, Kansas
I choose this angle, so the viewer gets a sense of the neighborhood, which is named "Chesney Park". I am planing on getting some pictures of their art wall sometime soon!! ---------- Chesney Park is a park and neighborhood in central Topeka, Kansas. The City of Topeka, in 1875 bought the land Chesney Park sits on today. At the time Chesney Park was the second oldest park in the City of Topeka. The other park was eventually torn down to make way for Topeka's levee system, so as of today, Chesney Park is the oldest park in the City of Topeka. Today the Park has many attractions. Some of which are the skate park in the old tennis courts and newer playground equipment. In recent years old playground equipment was upgraded to a newer jungle jim, swings and monkey bars. There is also a Basketball Court, a Gazebo, open shelter house, and numerous picnic tables around the park for everyone to enjoy. The neighborhood is in Central Topeka and is Bounded by SW Washburn to the West, SW 17th to the North, SW 21st to the South and SW Topeka Blvd. to the East. A majority of the homes in Chesney Park are from the early 1900s and many are still in good condition. Although the neighborhood has seen some crime in recent years, a local Neighborhood Improvement Association is on it's way to improving their neighborhood.

names of playground equipment
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