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Link to Viewshare at the Library of Congress

Recommended Downloads and Utilities

Note:  The best place to download items from is CNET.  To find a download try using google:  "CNET" and "irfanview"

Troubleshooting Windows Computers:

If you have computer problems start here:
Microsoft - Malicious Software Removal Tool Run once/month from site
Windows Defender to remove spyware - From Microsoft
Then go to
Malwarebytes under Virus and Spyware Tools in Right hand column

 Everyday Handy Tools and Software
  • Useful Free Software that you can't do without
  • Web and E-mail related
    • Firefox - Web Browser from Mozilla - safe browsing without the IE problems
    • Thunderbird - Email Client from Mozilla - Replaces Outlook, without the problems
  • System Software
  • Other Applications
  • HTML and Web Page Editor  Netscape browser older version had an excellent HTML Editor for creating and modifying web pages.

Special Purpose Tools - Note that 32 and 64 bit versions available in most cases

Make a Thumb Drive Bootable for XP
  • Recommended but I have not tried yet.
  • UBCD4win
  • Microxp
  • Unetbootin

Useful Tools for many purposes

Good Hardware

DNS Server Addresses for Google - very fast:
  • Primary:
  • Secondary