Mt Rainier and the South Cascades

Bistorta bistortoides
Subalpine meadow spotted with 10 000s of bistort.  Rainier is the volcano.

Pedicularis rainierensis
 The population of this lousewort with the banana-like flowers centers on the northern half of Mt Rainier National Park.

Lupinus lepidus
The lupine, usually much smaller, thrives in the plains of pumice near Mt St Helens.....
.....and now dominates the area.

Spraguea (or Calyptridium or Cistanthe) umbellatum
Pussypaws also is also most frequently found in deep beds of pumice.  Resembles a buckwheat but the fleshy leaves indicate a member of the Portulaca family.

Penstemon davidsonii
This low penstemon has woody stems, green leaves, blue/lavender flowers, grows in screes and old moraines.   Western Cascades and Olympics.  It can hybridize with the next......
Penstemon rupicola
This penstemon also stays low, has woody stems and glaucous leaves and pink/red flowers.  It is usually found growing in the broken rocks on high cliffs.  Central Cascades south into Oregon.

Erigeron aureus
The golden fleabane is very common at high elevation in the Cascades.  Absent from the Olympics.

Dryas octopetala
Common farther north, perhaps only two populations now survive in the South Cascades:  here on Nelson Ridge, 20miles/30km east of Rainier and on Rainier itself.....
Hulsea nana
....and this species of California and Oregon reaches it northern limit at Rainier.  Very hairy foliage.  Uncommon.

Dicentra uniflora
The steershead is related to the common bleeding heart.  It is very small, 3in/8cm, and blooms early.  Usually on the east side of the Cascades and Wenatchee Mountains. 

Potentilla fruticosa
 A common mounding shrub at high elevations in the Cascades and Olympics.

Lewisia sp.
Many-flowered plants blooming next to melting drifts of snow.  Has characters of L. pygmaea and L. nevadensis.

Mimulus tilingii
Large yellow monkey-flower often found growing in cold water seeps at high elevation.  Although the blossoms are large for enough bumblebees, the green parts are tiny-- here smaller than the surrounding mosses.
Mimulus lewisii
This monkey-flower also grows in damp seeps and along streams at higher elevation.

Xerophyllum tenax
Stiff grass-like foliage and white cones of flowers on 2ft/60cm stems.  A lily relative.  The flowers are often browsed by deer and elk.  Mountains throughout west.  Found at sea level in only one location on the Kitsap Peninsula.