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Promoting inclusive and coherent governance for sustainable development

AlphaZULU Advocates’ mission is to create awareness of interconnectedness of global problems (social, economic and environmental) through sustainable development advocacy and to bridge the gap between problems and policy interventions by promoting coordinated, inclusive and evidence-based governance that is accessible, participatory, enabling, responsive and transparent.

We apply the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development framework to engage public opinion; analyse and inform impact of foreign policies on development issues, north-south cooperation; and to analyse and inform impact of domestic and regional policies, south-south cooperation of developing countries in Africa. Over the years, development mobilised to Africa has been poorly managed and respect for sovereignty of governments in international practice created recurring challenges for donor partners to influence governance systems and monitor budgetary decisions of recipient governments. Although African governments continue to call for more development cooperation from the global north, there is a growing consensus among donor partners to focus on improving Africa’s governance systems and tighten foreign policy on development aid as a measure to safeguarding resources that are valuable for eradicating Africa’s development problems from being wasted due to poor governance and prevalent corruption. The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development marks a watershed for global partnerships to spotlight governance as a development goal and to leverage development aid interactions for enhancing development-compliant governance systems. African countries need a shift from aid dependency to leveraging domestic resources and South-South cooperation.


We are focused on supporting governments and public stakeholders through:

being an open source of knowledge sharing on global sustainable development;
creating a mindset of ethical and responsible choices for sustainable living;
encouraging inclusive and accountable governance across levels of Government;
promoting enabling and empowering mechanisms for public stakeholders;
influencing effective policy making, implementation and review processes; and
monitoring changes in social, economic and environment development resulting from inclusive and coherent governance for contributing to global knowledge.


Our strategies include:

Research – leverage local collaborations and big data sources for developing cutting edge research and gathering data on development Problems as a step to finding lasting solutions

Advocacy - engage and involve the People as key stakeholders affected by global sustainable development issues as well as engage Government to act on political commitment

Technical and Advisory Support – provide advisory support to Government and Parliament through responding to Policy inquiries, publishing white papers, managing public consultations, provision of training and capacity building programmes, supporting the development of mechanisms to ensure stakeholder feedback into policy-making process

Education – mobilise support from public and private sector Partners to provide public education/sensitisation programmes as mechanisms for strengthening Government’s implementation of sustainable development policies and to encourage more participation on policy platforms from under-represented groups such as women and youth

Review and Negotiation – conduct periodic review of Progress through indicator development, monitoring and reporting as well as negotiating areas of improvement

Who we work with

We are growing our work with a robust network of policy actors including: Government, intergovernmental organisation, non-governmental organisation, research institution, private sector, diplomatic community, local community and faith-based organisation working together to deliver human, technical and data resources for inclusive and coherent governance towards improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of people around the world and particularly Africa. Our collaborators, partners and network include: UK Parliament Outreach and Engagement Service, OECD Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development Partnership, GlobalNet21, Sheffield All-Africa Postgraduate Organisation, Data-Pop Alliance, UK-Africa Diaspora Women Network and African-based NGOs.


Towards 2015

In the final years of the MDGs from 2012-15, we worked extensively with volunteers through outreach programmes to engage, build community collaboration, mobilise small scale funding partnerships and advisory support to small groups of marginalised and vulnerable people in Nigeria including: children, youth, women, elderly, persons living with disabilities, persons living with HIV and Aids, hard-to-reach communities, widows, orphans and homeless people. Our experience covered sectors including: environment, education, health, gender and women empowerment, SME development, agriculture, arts and culture, youth and sports.

Our key accomplishments include: taking free child rights education to public primary and secondary schools funded by alumni and faith-based organisation; delivering youth and community integration programmes funded by CDAs Community Development Association; sensitizing public health users towards the elimination of unauthorized payments in primary healthcare system; planning and mobilizing funding for empowerment of women and business development support; developing a support network for people with disabilities to access healthcare and surgery support; developing regional and national media awareness on the surge of widowhood as a fallout of national insurgencies and inheritance rights for widows; developing a social enterprise strategy as alternative funding sources for our operational cost.

Post 2015

The challenges posed by gaps in policies and institutional mechanisms for implementation observed in Nigerian system propelled our focus on inclusive and coherent governance for sustainable development post-2015.



Now, we are ready for more robust partnerships with high profile organisations, private sector, and intergovernmental organisations seeking partnership with small-sized organisation having steady growth potential, as local resource channel to mainstream their innovative and sustainable agenda to promoting inclusive and coherent governance in Africa. We are particularly looking to work with organisations with operations in West and Central Africa and that share the following interest:

Provision of technical support to African Governments to strengthen inclusive policy processes and coherent institutional mechanisms;
Bridging intergenerational policy gaps through encouraging youth parliaments, advocacy and research activities;
Bridging gender policy gaps through creating enabling environments for women participation in policy and democratic processes;
Promoting transparency and accountability in governance systems and thorough oversight functions;
Promoting their own agenda without undermining Africa’s agenda and with a greater goal of contributing to peace and sustainable development in the Continent and investing in Its human capital.

  • Volunteering
  • Social Investment
  • Strategic Collaboration
  • Development Partnerships
  • Project Outsourcing
  • Private Sector CSR Partnership