Ealing SDGs

Details as follows:

Date - 19 July 2017
Time - 19:45 to 21:45hrs
Venue - The Rock Room, The Crypt,
              St. John's Church,
              Broomfield Place, off Mattock Lane,
              West Ealing
              W13 9LA

Email: alphazulu.glo@gmail.com to attend

AlphaZULU Advocates is collaborating with local Friends of the Earth groups to drive local implementations of the Sustainable Development Goals. We launched this local groups engagement project in May 2017 with the Hillingdon FOE and we are collaborating with Ealing FOE to deliver our July event. Ealing FOE expects participation from groups in Ealing, Hounslow and Brent.

The Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals) are now a year old and many people are still unaware. Some who are aware do not think it has much do with their daily choices. How much do you know about these goals?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a set of 17 ambitious goals with 169 interconnected targets branded under a 15-year Agenda 2030 agreed by 193 world leaders in September 2015. These transformational goals aimed at ending extreme poverty and tackling climate change for everyone are universal and will need to be mainstreamed across all levels of Government.

Our goal is to speed up awareness of the SDGs in UK from bottom-up and inform best practices for the development of local strategies for implementing the Agenda 2030. This will also ensure potential local implementation stakeholders are prepared. We are currently doing this from a top-down approach by hosting a schedule of Public-Parliament Fora on Sustainable Development Goals, in collaboration with the Houses of Parliament’s Outreach and Engagement Service, where we engage with Parliament Committees on thematic areas of the SDGs.


What is a London Special SDGs Event?

London is the 3rd busiest city in the world and home to the 1st busiest city airport. While there are great opportunities attached to living in London, there are also challenges stemming from tendencies to oversight some implications of policies for social, economic and environmental development here and now, elsewhere and later.  To achieve this, we will go across local authorities holding free-to-attend ONE-DAY public events. At the event, we’ll educate the public on the SDGs and relevance to the development of inclusive and sustainable communities. It would also provide a platform for interaction, discussions and partnerships for local implementation.

Who are the targets of the London Special SDGs Events?

The SDGs are designed to leave no-one behind, whether it’s from bottom-up or top-down. Hence, we will aim to ensure representation across diverse groups in the community through the local network, community groups, voluntary associations, businesses and institutions. We’d also use the local media to inform the public.