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Our UK Projects

Public-Parliamentary Forum (PPF) on SDGs #Parl4SDGs

Through the #London4SDGs project, we aim to reach more local groups, creating awareness of the global Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals and providing technical support to integrate the SDG framework. The ultimate goal is to promote local ownership and partnership across London boroughs for local implementation.

Our SDGs Talk which introduces the Special SDGs Event was launched in collaboration with Hillingdon Friends of the Earth and has been delivered to the Hillingdon, Ealing, Hounslow and Brentford communities through the local Friends of the Earth groups.


Through the #Parl4SDGs Project, we're enhancing Parliament's engagement with public stakeholders on the SDGs.

The PPF on SDGs is a collaborative project delivered with the support of the UK Parliament's Outreach and Engagement Service Team.

Each Public-Parliamentary Forum is designed to engage public opinion on the UK's performance on the Sustainable Development Goals especially in the context of international development, trade and gender, youth and minority inclusion. The Clerk or a specialist member of staff of the most relevant Parliamentary Committee is seated to inform the gathering on the committee's engagement with Government and the UK's implementation of the SDGs. Experts and practitioners from the academia and CSOs are also invited on the Panel to contribute to discussion and further questions and contributions taken from public participants.

London Special SDGs Event #London4SDGs