Community Service: It is how we stay involved!

Alpha Sigma Alpha is dedicated to two philanthropies year round: the S. June Smith Center and Special Olympics. 

About S. June Smith Center:

  The S. June Smith Center is a private non-profit agency providing early identification, education, training and therapy to infants and children in Lancaster County, PA with developmental disabilities and delays. A chapter can help in many different ways: raise money, stay involved and ask what they need. This year we made color coded shapes to send to the children so that they could learn identify both. To learn more about this philanthropy and center visit:

About Special Olympics:

Special Olympics provides to those with intellectual disabilities: it offers them a means of competition in sports. However, not only that is creates bonds and friendships that will last forever. Of course one must remember the most important thing is to have fun. How can a chapter help? Zeta Omicron normally participates in the Special Olympics Bowling each year, providing aid to help the tournament run smoothly. This year, 2008, we also had a few girls participate in the basketball tournament. There are many more opportunities world wide! To find out more please visit:

About Relay for Life:

Locally Zeta Omicron has participated in Relay for Life a program designated for the community to raise money for the fight against cancer. It is a great way to spread awareness of the issue and to share in memories of those in your life who are a survivor, fighter, or may have already passed from this struggle in our world. Relay for Life is built to have member active in community, but also active in campus and around there home town. To learn more about Relay for life please visit: 

Of course there many other philanthropies that the Chapter can be found doing around the community. We like to stay involved, and lend hand to those who need it.