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*Cost for participation $10; a patch will be given out for their participation on this day. (Refunds- None. Only substitutions are allowed). Registration for Merit Badge Day 2015 IS NOW OPEN
Date: Saturday, February 28th, 2015
Location: Campus of Illinois State University, Normal, IL
Time: Doors open 7:15 AM, Opening Ceremony in Schroeder Auditorium at 8:00 AM

General Registration Information

Walk-in Registration is welcome

On site registration will be accepted.

Individual scouts may register.

Scouts may register for only a morning session or only an afternoon session if they are not able to stay for both due to any circumstances.

Please make sure to mail in your money and forms before Saturday, February 21st. If for some reason you are not able to mail it in by that date, please bring your money on the day of the event. Along with the registration fee, make sure to send an email to Kate Gallagher at with the list of badges the scout is interested in earning. 

If a class is filled you may request to be put on the waiting list

Mailing Address:
Alpha Phi Omega
Merit Badge Day 2015
Campus Box 2700
Student Services Building
Normal, IL 61790-2700



The day’s schedule of events will be as follows:

7:15 AM- Registration tables outside of Schroeder Auditorium. Troops receive their registration packets and non-registered scouts can still sign up.

8:00 AM- Opening Ceremony in Schroeder Auditorium.

8:15 AM- Depart for assigned badge rooms.

8:30 AM- Session 1 begins in respective rooms for the badges.

12:00 PM- Break for lunch. Rooms will be assigned for troops to have lunch in.

12:50 PM- Lunch ends and TA's will take scouts to their next destination for their badge.

1:00 PM- Session 2 begins!

4:30 PM- End Session 2. 

4:45 PM- Closing ceremony in Schroeder Auditorium.

5:00 PM- Depart for home.

*** Sessions start on time please be prompt!***

Registration directions

  1. Information is to be submitted for the entire troop and/or by individual scouts.
  2. Use the forms on this site web-site, and make extra copies as needed.
  3. Check for availability of classes before registering.
  4. Scout reservation forms are available to hand out to the scouts to assist scout masters in registration. Scouts should request at least five classes in order of preference to assist Scoutmaster in registering them. Select those appropriate for the age of the scout, e.g. Chemistry is better for older scouts, as is Sculpture.
  5. Although class schedules are included for consideration, these are subject to change. If a first choice is all day, please consider an all day class for second choice. Please rank the merit badge of your choice 1-5 (1 being 1st choice). Also “X” any merit badges you have already earned. Also check if there are pre-requisites for this badge these will be posted on this webpage so keep check back.
  6. As always, Merit Badge classes are ASSIGNED on a first come first serve basis, so sign up early.
  7. If necessary, schedule changes for registered scouts may be made through Feb 16th by email to
  8. Refunds: There will be no refunds made. 
  9. Check in at the registration desk upon arrival for any last minute information and to receive information packet, etc. The registration desk will close briefly for the Opening Ceremony and re-open after for proper placement of Scouts.
  10. Individual class schedules will be given out at the registration site.
Blue Cards
Blue cards will be used for record keeping. There will be blue cards provided. Each scout's accomplishments and specific requirements completed will be listed on the back of the blue cards.

Several merit badges require that scouts turn in prerequisite homework at the sessions. In other classes, teaching assistants will collect and check for homework. A list of requirements covered in the class is listed on the web page. Those requirements not covered are the Scout’s responsibility to complete and show that proof to their unit leaders. Scouts are encouraged to read the merit badge book in advance, and to complete where possible those requirements not covered. Please stress to your Scouts the importance of being prepared for their classes. We repeatedly hear from our instructors that a few scouts come to class without any knowledge of the subject matter. Instructors have the right to refuse admission to any Scout who is not properly prepared for class.

Expected Scout Conduct
All scouts are expected to abide by the scout oath and law. Any scout violating any of the rules for this event will be asked to call home for a ride and will receive no credit for any classes attended. Rules will be announced at the opening ceremony. Adults are expected to sit in on classes to help instructors deal with any issues that may arise. Adults will be asked to sign up upon arrival to assist with specific classes.

For accommodations including accessible parking, buildings with elevators, parking lots, etc. please visit the Illinois State University Map page. To find this information, use the bottom menu on the left side of the screen.

Parking is available in the green designated lots and in the lot north of the Bone Student Center and the Student Service Building for easy access into the campus buildings. Drivers, follow the directions of the parking signs, as the parking lots around the school are reserved.

Scouts taking the Sculpture merit badge class should wear or bring proper clothing for this activity. Some portions of some classes are held outdoors, so please dress accordingly. Scouts are highly recommended to wear their Class A uniforms.

Handicapped Scouts
Handicapped scouts are encouraged to attend. Illinois State University and most other facilities are handicap accessible. We would appreciate advance notice so we can do additional planning. Contact 
Jade Hopkins at (773) 708-8013.

Concessions will be available from vending machines throughout the event. Scouts are expected to bring a sack lunch as time will be limited for lunch. Please contact us in case of special dietary requirements.

Leader Workshops
Classes are scheduled so you will are free to attend.

In case of emergency during the event, parents may phone Jade Hopkins at (773) 708-8013 or Kate Gallagher at (815) 975-8022
. Every scout will have emergency numbers posted on his class schedule.

Driving Directions
From the north
Exit Interstate 55 South at the Normal-Business 51 exit (#165). The exit ramp will take you to a stoplight, where you will turn left (south) onto Main Street. Continue traveling on Main. As you near the Illinois State campus, you should watch for, and continue past, stoplights at Raab Road, Orlando Avenue, and Gregory Street. The next stoplight will be at Willow and Main Streets. Turn left here. Go two blocks to Normal Avenue and turn right. Gates for the Bone Student Center parking lot, where you should park, will be directly in front of you.

From the south:
Exit Interstate 55 North at the Bloomington Market street exit (#160-A). The ramp exits onto Market street (heading east). Continue traveling on Market street for several blocks. Turn left at East street (one-way). East street turns into Main street quickly. Continue on Main street (BUSN 51 North) for several blocks. You will enter the Town of Normal while you travel on Main street. Turn right at College avenue and then take the first left at the stoplight onto University. Go one block and take a right onto W. Locust street. Gates for the Bone Student Center parking lot, where you should park, will be directly on your right a half block down this road.

From the east and west:
Take Interstate 74 to Interstate 55 North. Exit Interstate 55 at the Normal-Business 51 exit (#165-A). The ramp exits onto Main Street (heading south). Continue traveling on Main. As you near the Illinois State campus, you should watch for, and continue past, stoplights at Raab Road, Orlando Avenue, and Gregory Street. The next stoplight will be at Willow and Main Streets. Turn left here. Go two blocks to Normal Avenue and turn right. Gates for the Bone Student Center parking lot, where you should park, will be directly in front of you.

Any further comments of questions please let either one of the Co-Chairs know and we will be more than happy to help.  We both are excited about the event and look forward to see you all soon!


Jade Hopkins -Boy Scout Troop Coordinator                             
Kate Gallagher- Counselor Coordinator                                   
Merit Badge Day Co-Chairs
To find more information about our Theta Epsilon chapter, please go to
If you would like more information about the national organization (Alpha Phi Omega) please go to