D.I.Y. Build your own HAREM

In my dating experience, when women inquired if I would stop wooing other ladies to see them exclusively, my answer was "I can't... who will lead my Harem?" Harem is defined as "a social group of females, accompanied or followed by one fertile male who denies other males access to the group." Not only is the history of the Harem intriguing, but the possibility of your own modern-day incarnation is possible... yet extremely tiring. Are you up for the Sultan's challenge? Written by Micheal Bencic, edited by Xander Samson.

The harem's residence (or, garenliq as it was called) was located inside a traditional Muslim palace. Here, the ladies performed their daily tasks for most of their life. Men where forbidden to enter the female residence. The women would also play hostess to the palace, and even though all shared their lives with the master, a hierarchy did exist. The top spot belonged to either the mother of the current Sultan (who was versed in the local political landscape) or his first wife (usually the female who provided a male heir). The Sultan would have up to four wives. To be a concubine, or lover to the master, women became very similar to Catholic nuns within the walls of the palace. Virgins, these women also had to abandon all aspects of life they enjoyed before joining. They worshiped the lord above all other males and thus became absolutely dependent on him. This could be witnessed in the rituals undertaken by the concubine who was chosen to spend a particular evening with the Sultan. From her waiting at the foot of his bed, wearing opulent clothing, to the seductive un-robing and constant humility, most of these former slaves pleased the lord thoroughly in hopes of one day being freed. Erotic traditions like Belly Dancing and the Dance of the Seven Veils originated here (or at least became very popular amongst women competing for attention).

The concubines were mostly foreigners, and were brought to the Harem at an early age where they were educated in many areas; Islam, Turkish, music, embroidery, etc. A harem could number into the hundreds. Blissfuls were the next most powerful women after wives, and were usually daughters of the Sultan. After Blissfuls, come about 8-12 Favorites, the main sexpert love buddies above all the concubines (who are usually just palace servants). If much of this information is confusing or even contradictory, that's because the Harem's roots are shrouded in secrecy, or simply lost over the centuries.

Your Modern Day Harem:
Jokes about religious zealots marrying multiple pre-teens aside, what could a Harem mean to you? A regular fella who just wants variety without guilt. Here's a few beginners tips. Be honest. When you are caught in a lie, you empower those who discover your secret. From cheating on a spelling test in elementary school or on your girlfriend in college, it sucks to be caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Empower yourself with honesty. Inform potential women you may want to include in your 'Harem' that you date multiple women. This has a multi-tier affect. First, you eliminate any kind of prude you want to weed out. Second, the honesty you present is refreshing to most people since many men who attempt multi-dates do so secretively. Thirdly, it's human nature to desire what you can't fully acquire. Your worth is subconsciously built-up through an honest approach because if you have many women on your roster, than you must have something to offer. During this process, a woman's curiosity begins to wander. Is he a great lover? An interesting conversationalist? Does he have a great job? Her imagination will run wild since there must be some, logical reason YOU are able to build a Harem. You may have all or none of these qualities but (as long as you don't lie about owning a sports car or porn career) it does not matter. Be true to yourself. Build up your little black book. Just prepare for the inevitability. Loss of sleep due to being in high-demand, and the eventual request of "Please dump all the other girls for me". What would the Sultan do?