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Paper Winners 2010

Student Paper Competition Winners 2010

Alpha Kappa Delta is proud to announce the 2010 Undergraduate and Graduate paper competition winners.

Undergraduate Student Winners

First Place: Kimberly Lewis, Denison University
"Gender Design and Performance in World of Warcraft"

Second Place: Laura Rogers, James Madison University
"Helping Them Help Themselves: Contradictions between
Volunteers' Moral Identities and the Reproduction of Class Boundaries"

Third Place: Joshua Cook, University of Notre Dame
"A Culture of Silence: Social Norms of Rape Reporting"

Graduate Student Winners

First Place: Daniel Poole, University of Utah
"Indirect Health Consequences of War: Cardiovascular Disease"

Second Place: Adrienne Brune, University of Oklahoma
"Mothering from Behind Bars: The Experience and Needs of Incarcerated Mothers in Oklahoma"

Third Place: Sarah Samblanet, Kent State University
"Status Inconsistency Among Married Couples: How Status Inconsistency
Impacts Perceptions of Marital Quality, Global Happiness, and Mental

2010 Distinguished Lecture (Atlanta, GA)
(Left to Right):
Daniel Poole, Joe Healey, Kim Lewis, Meg Wilkes Karraker,
Sarah Samblanet, (hiding) Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Pat Hoffman, Laura Rogers

Thank you to all of those who submitted papers to this year's competition. We had a total of 41 undergraduate and 20 graduate papers submitted this year.

A special thanks goes out to our undergraduate and graduate paper competition committees!