Chapter Representative Travel Funding

Chapter Representative Travel Assistance Program

Alpha Kappa Delta will provide a travel grant for chapter representatives who accompany students to regional sociology meetings.

The chapter's students MUST be approved for AKD student travel funding; however, chapter representative travel applications should be sent in before your students’ travel application has been approved.


Alpha Kappa Delta will provide up to $500 for chapter representatives who accompany students to regional sociology meetings.

Please note the amount requested may not be what you are approved for as the amount available is prorated based on the number of eligible requests received in our office.

Funding is very limited and the Executive Office will be keeping a dated log of submissions as they arrive in the office. We ask that chapter representatives request only what they believe they will need (up to the $500 limit) so that AKD can fund as many chapter representatives as possible.


  • Applicant must be an AKD chapter representative
  • Applicant must be an active AKD member
  • Applicant’s chapter must be in compliance with IRS and AKD
  • Applicant must be accompanying student(s) who have been approved for AKD funding
    • This application may be sent in before your students’ travel application has been approved
    • Applicant must submit the application BEFORE travel
Fall: October 15, 2012
Spring: February 15, 2013

  • Approval of funds is contingent upon approval of student travel funds. Both applications may be sent together.
  • Must receive both the application and travel release form before traveling.
  • Allowable expenses are for the airline ticket/ground transportation, lodging, and meals. Original receipts are required.
  • There is no pre-payment of funds.
Send completed application form and travel release form to with an appropriate subject heading (ex. Chapter Representative Travel Funding to ESS). Requests are reviewed in the order received. Please submit your application BEFORE travel.


The AKD Office will acknowledge requests in two ways:

1. The office staff will reply to the emailed request indicating receipt. 
2. The Executive Director will send an email to the Chapter Representative approving or denying an award of travel support no later than one week after the deadline. 

If the request is approved, an AKD Chapter Repr
esentative Travel Payment Form and Receipt Organizer will be attached.

After the trip, the Chapter Representative must submit:

  • A completed payment request form and receipt organizer (sent by AKD Office with approval letter)
  • A typed report detailing activities at the regional meeting.
    • The report should be brief, but must discuss the benefits of the funding to both you and your students, and justify the amount of the payment.
  • Receipts for travel expenses.  
    • Examples: Airfare, hotel, food
    • If traveling by auto transport, please provide a map (Google maps) with the mileage to and from the conference

No funds will be paid without complete documentation.  When all documentation is received in the AKD Office, a check will be cut.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for the check to be cut and arrive. Completed vouchers must be received in the AKD Office no more than 30 days after travel. No funding will be paid out after June 1, 2013.


1.   FINAL PAYMENT: Funding approvals are contingent on final student travel.
  • If students decides not to attend, then AKD will not reimburse the chapter representative for travel.

2.   REIMBURSEMENT CHECK: Alpha Kappa Delta will write a check to the following only:

  • The chapter’s institution
  • The chapter’s bank account
  • The chapter representative
  • AKD will not cut a check to students and will not cut multiple checks.

3.   ALCOHOL: Alpha Kappa Delta will not reimburse for any alcohol charges.

4.   ITEMIZED RECEIPTS: When submitting any meal receipts, please be sure to use itemized receipts. We will not reimburse for any meal receipts that are not itemized.

5.   TIPPING: Alpha Kappa Delta will reimburse no more than 20% for a tip at a restaurant.

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