2010 Kent State

Kent State University
Sociology Honors Society Banquet
May 7, 2010

AKD President Dave Merolla (right), Vice President Tim Adkins (middle),
and Faculty Advisor Will Kalkhoff (left) introduce the 2010 AKD/PGM inductees.

Half of the 2010 AKD/PGM inductees. From right to left: Will Kalkhoff (AKD Faculty Advisor),
Joseph Sullin, Meredith Solomon, Terry Mortensen, Jackuelyn Towne, Kathryn Norton-Smith, Aimee Huter.

The other half of the AKD/PGM inductees. From left to right:
Andria Blackwood, Meghan Novisky, Alicia Krey, Christi Gross, Laura Flament, Kerry Fields.

Kent State University AKD President Dave Merolla

The 2010 Sociology Honors Society keynote speaker, Dr. Jan Stets
(University of California, Riverside), delivers a talk on "The Social Person as a Moral Person."

Dr. Kristen Marcussen (left) and the 2010 winners of the Outstanding Senior Award,
Meredith Solomon (middle) and Kerry Fields (right)

Dr. Elaine J. Hall, first honored recipient of the Jane Addams Career Excellence Award --
for a career devoted to the promotion of equality in society. See a related video here: www.vimeo.com/11624412

Thank you Professor Kalkhoff for submitting this year's photos.
Congratulations to all the newly inducted AKD members!