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Underwater Hotel In The Keys

underwater hotel in the keys
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just three kids standing around on the beach wearing bad sunglasses. last night we tied up our sobriety and stuffed it in a closet, then wandered a few blocks from the hotel to the beach late at night. there were some kind of bio-luminescent creatures washing in, so with every step we took bright blue sparkles radiated from our feet. out in the water, you could see them in the foam, and they got stuck on my legs. some guy showed up and started talking about his life as a christian youth counselor/underwater weather. bullshark! thankfully he didn't linger for long. christobert went back to the hotel relatively early, but tomas and i kept walking around til like 4:30 in the morning along the beach and through a deserted neighborhood. he broke a couple of laws, but since i was present i'm pleading the 5th. today we drove back out to the end of padre blvd and hung around the beach while we could actually see it. we stopped by chris's family's home for a bit before leaving, and i slept probably the majority of the way home. tomas and chris are so enamored with rafi that all weekend i readily gave up the keys for the chance to spread out in the back seat. 2/7/10 15:35
Salad under pressure
Salad under pressure
Dinner underwater in the Jules Underwater Lodge. Our personal chef packed dinner in waterproof cases, put on scuba gear and came down to our underwater hotel to serve us dinner. He put on a fresh towel! Dinner was salad and breast of chicken. No booze allow! The salad looks a little tired - it is all because of the pressure of being underwater.

underwater hotel in the keys