The history of Sigma Chi is long and rich. In 1855, 7 men were inspired to start a fraternity that would instill principles of friendship, justice, and learning in every man that completed his journey to Sigma Chi enlightenment. Since its inception, Sigma Chi has transformed the men that pass through its doors into president's, CEO's, celebrities, professional athletes, and some of the greatest philanthropists the world has ever seen. Significant Sigs that represent our principles include Grover Cleveland, David Letterman, Brad Pitt, Mike Ditka, Drew Brees, John Wayne "The Duke", Tom Selleck, and Daniel Tosh.

    Because of the emphasis that Sigma Chi puts on education, our chapter has continued to place in the top 5 G.P.A. averages every year. Our fraternity's focus has always been to help each young man reach their highest potential, because of this, Sigma Chi has become an organization that has supplied the 2nd highest number of fortune 500 CEO's in the world. 

    The Alpha Eta chapter at the University of Iowa continues to emulate these principles by being highly involved in philanthropies such as Special Olympics, Dance Marathon, and our personal favorite, Children's Miracle Network. In addition to being one of the most involved fraternities on campus we continue to excel in athletics every year by placing in the top two spots in fraternity league football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and slow pitch softball. 

    Joining the men of Sigma Chi is an endeavor that we ask our candidates to not take lightly. We expect our candidates to uphold the illustrious reputation that our chapter has built over the last 130 years and hope that they will continue to practice our values in every aspect of their lives. 

   *** Potential New Members are highly encouraged to contact the Recruitment Chairs in order to get info on        upcoming events as well as to answer any questions that candidates may have regarding pledging the fraternity.***

Recruitment Chairs: Jack Cavanagh - 563-340-5019,
                              Logan Busch - 515-298-1160,