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Ge Web Camera

ge web camera
    web camera
  • A webcam is a video capture device that is connected to a computer or computer network, often using a USB port or, if connected to a network, ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • A CCTV Camera with built-in web server computer. More info.
  • Gaea: (Greek mythology) goddess of the earth and mother of Cronus and the Titans in ancient mythology
  • .ge is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Georgia. It was registered in 1992. The administrative contact and the technical contact of a domain name ending with .ge have to be domicilied in Georgia. Registrations are opened directly under .ge, .com.
  • The chemical element germanium
  • germanium: a brittle grey crystalline element that is a semiconducting metalloid (resembling silicon) used in transistors; occurs in germanite and argyrodite
ge web camera - GE HO98063
GE HO98063 EasyCam Video Camera
GE HO98063 EasyCam Video Camera

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CSX @ Wofford
CSX @ Wofford
This is the rear of a train passing over the trestle near Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At about 5:15 on 9/15/07 I was in Spartanburg, SC trying to shoot the helper unit on a loaded train. I was near Wofford College near where the Clinchfield ended and the helper loco was halfway over the trestle with “Wofford” written on it, a place I’d wanted to get a shot since I first saw it in 1999. The nose and cab of the unit was still behind a tree, so I made myself be patient and wait it out, standing on the shoulder of a road on the right of way in plain sight on a sunny day with a camera around my neck. A few cars passed as a crew member was on the rear of the train doing whatever has to be done to get the unit to work in tandem with the head end power. Perhaps five to ten minutes after I stood there, a City of Spartanburg police car drove slowly past. Even though I did not turn back or look over my shoulder, I was aware that my patrol car stopped on the side of the road. Truth be known, I was in a bad mood already due to several things, none of which had to do with trains, photography or LEOs. So I told myself to be calm, answer his questions and not make a scene which I may have done in similar circumstances and moods if my wife and kids weren’t in my car across the road. The officer came up and spoke to me. He was pleasant and non-confrontational. The words attributed to him and me are to the best of my recollections four hours after the event. He said, “Just taking pictures, are you?” I said, “Yeah, yeah.” “Is it a hobby?” he asked. I said, “Yeah, I just like to do it.” He said, “You do understand that it looks suspicious, don’t you?” Going through my head, I thought to say, I can’t help how what is normal to me might look to someone else. But I didn’t. He went on to tell me that no one called this is, but as he passed, he thought it looked odd to see someone standing near a railroad track with a camera. Again, that seems totally normal to me, but then again, I’m a photographer of trains. He said that since 9/11, we have to be careful because that’s – pointing to the still stopped train – is what they’re going after. Again, going through my head, but unspoken, I thought, “No, they wouldn’t go after a coal train. They’d go after a hazmat train or an Amtrak train.” He asked to see my ID, which I fished out for him. If I had thought about it for a moment, and if my wife and children weren’t watching, I may have given thought to telling him I shouldn’t be forced to show him my ID for doing nothing wrong. Of course, he may have said, “Well, you did park on the side of the road.” In any event, I gave him my license. By now the train had started to creep, so I said, “Do you mind?” gesturing toward the train. He indicated I could go ahead and while I made sure my camera was going to start back up – a three and a half year old 300D does have a bit of a lag time when it’s asleep – he went to his patrol car to radio in my specifics. By now, there was a general merchandise train creeping up behind the loaded coal train, so at least I had something to do while he waited to hear back from dispatch. In fact, I haven’t looked at the shots since then, but I think I may have overexposed the helper shot because I didn’t have a chance to adjust for a lower sun angle while talking to the officer. So the second train crosses the Wofford bridge and comes to a stop presumably to make a few switching moves as the officer comes back. He hands me my license and again says I have to understand that taking pictures of trains looks suspicious. Again I wonder why I’m supposed to care what people think of what I’m doing when what I’m doing is perfectly legal and I’m doing it in broad daylight on the side of a road. He then went into a monologue on how terrorists take pictures of things they are going to hit. Now I admit that I have never heard this. I’ve never seen proof that terrorists take pictures of their targets before they bomb them. But let’s assume this is true. Then shouldn’t people like me actually be encouraged to be out and about is plain sight? I mean, if more of us are out there, then we can keep an eye uot for real, actual terrorists? Why should honest, tax paying innocent civilians be made to feel they shouldn’t enjoy their hobby? He wasn’t finished yet. He then said, “I’m not going to tell you not to take pictures of trains, but you should go to the office and tell them you’re here. It’s right up the hill there.” Yeah, right. Because train crews and yard masters have nothing better or more important to do than have railfans come up and bother them. I said, “Well, I’m not going to do that. I’m not on their property and I wouldn’t be.” He said, “That’s the advice I gave you. You don’t have to use it. But it might help them out to know you’re down here and what you’re doing.” What I wanted to say: “I have a camera aro
{CynCyn} Hi?n k :)) K bíc lúc này cái mõ mình dang làm dì n?a =)) Ch?p = camera ngoài :( Ch?t lu?ng ãnh kém :-s {Bonus page3 và s? còn nhi?u} Th? nên d?ng chùa :) Pic k liên quan des dâu ^^ Off Yahoo
{CynCyn} Hi?n k :)) K bíc lúc này cái mõ mình dang làm dì n?a =)) Ch?p = camera ngoài :( Ch?t lu?ng ãnh kém :-s {Bonus page3 và s? còn nhi?u} Th? nên d?ng chùa :) Pic k liên quan des dâu ^^ Off Yahoo
~ Du gai hay trai, Cyn cung gec m?y ai hut thu?c !~ Xin l?i n?u co xuc ph?m :) *Tinh hinh la Cyn th?y h?nh phuc t? 1 ai do cho :) Mu?n mai nhu v?y thoi!* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ngoai l? : Ne b?n gai :-j B?t solo dum nha ^^ Minh tu?ng dau bn t?t lanh l?m ch? :-j Add l?i Y!h minh tu?ng dau minh w' b?n co th? l?i du?c lam b?n ch? :-j M?y cau d?u nge con dc dc xiu :-j Ch?t xu?ng m?y cau sau nh? minh des hinh dum :j Ma thoi minh cung ok giup bn r` do :) R?i b?t d?u hoi ch. ch?ng con minh ra sao :-j ?a thi co sao minh noi v do -j Bn tu?ng con nay quang BOM dong bn ha ? Mo di gai :)) Con nay co sao noi v nhe ^^ K bic quang BOM dau :-j Ma cung ng? thi?t :-j Hinh nhu nge minh noi xong bn ?y choang hay gi a nh? :)) Ch?ng minh co sao thi minh k? do thoi :-j Hut thu?c nh?u nh?t thi noi v do :-j V?y ma ban s? l?i minh nguyen 1 trang phao luon ta oi =)) Ban noi ch?ng ban la cong t? nha giau nhooo :x K co cu?c choi nao la k t?i sang nhooo :x Toan dua xe di bar thoi do nhooo :x V?y ma co m?i cai t?i la s? d? =)) Omen :)) Quang chi ma l?m th? v?y ne :)) Ma thoi minh cung cho l?t l? tai di :) Lau ngay g?p l?i thi minh cung coi nhu ng?i nghe b?n chem gio di ha ^^ V?y ma ai ng? dau m?i sang onl pc thi th?y avt b?n ..... men dec oi =)) K bic la b?n m?c ao ?ng hay k m?c ao n?a v?y ne =)) B?t ng? thi?c :-j Ki?u nay dua hinh sao tui dam des boa =; Cho hu m?t tui ha =)) Thi?c la th?t v?ng qua di :-j Nchung a la minh cung coi b?n la b?n cu haaaa :x Cung mu?n lam b?n than thi?t nhu h?i nao do do :x Mu?n bo qua h?t luon do :x Ma niu b?n c? th?y minh onl la pm kiu des hinh qai hay la cho phao n? qai ch?c minh cho b?n vao danh sach nick b? ch?n nhe ^^ K c? y dau :) D?c dc descr thi minh cung cha co gi phai s? ^^ Co sao noi v?y thoi :) C? tinh tr?ng nay qai ch?c cho bn out s?m :) Te nh? dum diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii cho d?i tui yen ?n ^^ Ai mu?n bi?t ban la ai pe em Y!h Cyn nhooooooo :X S?n long cho bic luon :)) Bic r` d?ng la l?n :)) Ngoai l? 2 : G.d ri?t r` nhu CHO a :-j Ta noi.... th?t v?ng di dau :( Bu?n g.d h?t s?c :(( [ Ma C ne :) D?ng bu?n n?a nha^^ Cho du co ch?u d?ng ?c ch? t?i dau thi c? pm qua tui ^^ S?n sang nge co noi :) ? nha co minh 2 ch? em minh hi?u nhau thoi :) Co ma d?u tui n?a la bu?n co l?m do :) C? len nha :) Nghi ben Be ma :x ] Tag th? 1 : 1. Nh?c chuong c?a b?n : Lip 2:"> 2. Ngu?i pm b?n g?n day nh?t : Ch?ng va Khung Long :"> 3. Mon an b?n an g?n day nh?t : Mi goi :( 4. Bai hat nghe g?n day nh?t : Ch? vi anh qua yeu em - The men 5. L?n khoc g?n day nh?t? : Hom qua ^^ ¦ B?N CO BAO GI?… 6. H?n ho v?i ai do hai l?n : Ch?ng ^^ 7. Noi d?i : Nhi?u =)) 8. Hon ai do va th?y h?i h?n : No no ^^ 9. Danh m?t m?t ai do r?t d?c bi?t : Da t?ng ^^ Nhung bh` thi ch?c khong dau :) 10. Chan n?n : Nhi?u :( Nhung nta dang c? lam cho minh dui ma ^^ 11. Say x?n va non m?a : 2 cai cung 1 luc thi chua :-s ¦ MAU S?C B?N THICH NH?T : mau nao choi choi a =) ?p do con m?t d?u tien la thich a ^^ ¦ TRONG NAM NAY B?N DA… 15. Co b?n m?i chua : 1 nui :X 16. Th?t tinh : K h?n la v?y =) 17. Cu?i trong khi khoc : Co =) Dang khoc ma b? ch?c la cu?i nhu m?u =)) 18. G?p ai do co th? thay d?i dc b?n : R?i :) 19. Tim ra m?t ngu?i b?n th?t s? : Co :x Lady Moon Moon :x 20. Tim ra ai do d? c?p t?i b?n : Hon bic :-s 21. Hon m?t ai do trong nh~ ngu?i b?n c?a b?n? : Pe Pi ch? ai =) 22. Trong danh sach nh?ng ngu?i b?n tren m?ng thi co bao nhieu ngu?i la b?n ngoai d?i? : 3/4 la ? ngoai d?i :D 23. B?n thich bao nhieu d?a con? : du gai hay trai chi 2 la du =) 24. B?n co nuoi con gi ko? : h?i trc' co ^^ Bh k :( 25. B?n co mu?n thay d?i ten h? c?a minh ko? No =; 26. B?n lam gi vao l?n sinh nh?t g?n day nh?t c?a b?n? : ? nha onl :) 1 ngay nhu m?i ngay :) 27. B?n thu?ng th?c d?y luc m?y h? : di h?c thi 6h15 :"> , he thi khoang 11h ~> 12h30 :"> 28. Vao luc n?a dem hom qua b?n lam gi? : Onl va luy?n flim :)) 29. Ten c?a ngu?i ma b?n ko th? d?i dc n?a? C?u Fay :-" 31. N?u dc phep thay d?i m?t th? trog cu?c s?ng c?a b?n, b?n u?c di?u gi? : Cha bic =)) 32. B?n co bao h noi chi?n v?i ai ten Lo Van Xo? : Khong co trong t? di?n c?a minh =)) 33. Di?u gi khi?n b?n ban khoan nh?t ngay luc nay? : Phai tra bao nhieu tag n?a bh` :-s 34. Trang web ma b?n hay vao nh?t : flickr, mp3 , nhaccuatui, me zing, kenh 14,.... 35. Ten th?t c?a b?n la gi? Tang M? Nghi :) 36. Nickname? : da s? g?i la Nghi or Cyn ^^ Con m?y dua keu qen mi?ng ten cu thi keu Pon :"> 37. Ten ? nha? : Con Heo =)) 38. Tinh tr?ng m?i quan h? : T?t ^^ 39. Cung hoang d?o c?a b?n : Ma k?t :x 40. Male or female? : female 41. Tru?ng c?p 1 : Bong Sao ^^ 42. Tru?ng c?p 2 : Kim D?ng :x 43. Tru?ng c?p 3 : chua t?i chua bik :D 44. Mau toc c?a b?n : den co vang co =)) Ch?c s?p s?a len nau do :)) 45. Dai hay ng?n : vai a :( 46. Cao bao nhieu : co 1m6 thoi 47. B?n co ph?i long m?t ai do luc nay ko? : 1 minh C?u :-" 48. B?n th

ge web camera
ge web camera
Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge
From Gerber, the 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife is designed to help you endure in the toughest environments. It features an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling and a dependable stainless steel blade with a versatile serrated edge. Additionally, the knife and military-grade nylon sheath are packed with innovative survival tools, including a fire starter, a diamond blade sharpener, an emergency whistle, and a pommel.
callout box top
31-000751 Bear Grylls
Survival Series Ultimate Knife
At a Glance:
4.75-inch half-serrated drop-point blade for quick, versatile cuts

Full-tang, stainless steel construction for durability

Ergonomic, non-slip rubber grip for comfortable, accurate handling

Lanyard includes loud emergency whistle

Military-grade, mildew resistant nylon sheath

Sheath includes fire starter and diamond blade sharpener

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Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

This survival knife includes an emergency whistle, pommel, and sheath with fire starter and blade sharpener. View larger.

Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

The included "Priority of Survival" pocket guide by Bear Grylls includes experience-based survival advice and instruction.
View larger.
Sharp, Durable Blade Handles Tough Survival Tasks
Built to offer the versatility that adventurers, backpackers, and hunters need in the wilderness, the Ultimate Knife features a versatile 4.75-inch drop-point blade. This blade is half serrated to make quick work of cutting rope and other fibrous materials. It features full-tang construction for overall durability, and it is crafted from hard stainless steel, which allows for excellent edge retention.
Innovative, Ergonomic Design Delivers Versatility
Survival tools are only useful if they're easy to handle, so this knife features a comfortable, rubberized grip that's textured to prevent slippage. And because being a true survivor means making innovative use of your tools, the knife's handle features two holes for securely lashing it to a stick for use as a fishing spear--or whatever other bladed tool your situation calls for.
In addition, the handle base features a stainless steel pommel that can be used for pounding or hammering. A lanyard cord helps you keep track of the knife, and the lanyard features an integrated emergency whistle that can be used to attract attention--so others can keep track of you.
Balanced for optimum handling, this Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Knife has an overall length of 10 inches and weighs just 11.2 ounces--14.72 ounces with the included sheath.
Military-Grade Nylon Sheath with Smart Details
Just as versatile as the knife it protects, the included sheath folds open to reveal a diamond sharpener. The sheath also has a life-saving fire starter rod locked into a water-tight holder. This ferrocerium rod produces a shower of hot sparks when scraped against the rough surface of the striker notch that is incorporated into the back of the knife blade. For further versatility and functionality, the sheath includes a waterproof "Priority of Survival" guide tucked into a protective pocket on the back of the sheath.
The nylon sheath is crafted from lightweight, military-grade materials that are mildew resistant for long-term use in harsh climates. It includes a Velcro closure to keep your knife secure.
About the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series
Bringing together the 70 years of expertise behind all Gerber Legendary Blades and the survival and adventure experience of the renowned Bear Grylls, the Bear Grylls Survival Series is a one-of-a-kind line of knives, tools, and gear. A former member of the British SAS, a prolific adventurer, and the daring host of Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls is no stranger to extreme situations. Each item in the Survival Series is thoughtfully designed by Bear and Gerber to offer features that can help keep a smart adventurer alive in the wild. These dependable tools come with Bear's "Priorities of Survival" pocket guide, so you can check your instincts against his experience-based advice.
What's in the Box
Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, nylon sheath, and "Priorities of Survival" pocket guide.

Bear Grylls

From the highest peaks of the Himalayas, to the rainforests of South America, if world renowned outdoorsman Bear Grylls is on an adventure you can be sure he's equipped with the most durable outdoor gear Gerber has to offer.

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