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Fresh Ham Cooking Times

fresh ham cooking times
    cooking times
  • Fish is naturally tender, requiring short cooking times at high temperatures. Allow 10 minutes per inch of thickness (at the thickest part) for fresh fish, 20 minutes per inch for frozen fish.
    fresh ham
  • An uncured hind leg of pork.
  • Raw, uncooked port cut of meat from the hog's hind leg. Must be cooked prior to eating.

Veggie Pizza / Calzone deliciousness
Veggie Pizza / Calzone deliciousness
I went to a Pampered Chef party quite some time ago at my nephews house. His wife hosted. The lady who was selling the product made this for us to try. I changed it up a little and don't have exact measures, but it's close: you need two Pillsbury pizza crusts 1 small bag of brocolli, cauliflower and carrot mix (fresh, NOT frozen!) 1 small onion 1 bag of Tex Mex grated cheese mayo mustard Parmesean (how do you spell that again) cheese. Now, you can chop the veggies, but I toss them in my food processor and chop on-off about four or five times. Toss them into a big bowl. To that add about 1 cup of cubed cooked ham. I just go to the deli and ask them to cut me a 1/4 inch slab of the driest ham they have, then I cube it at home. Toss this in with the veggies. Add about 3 or 4T of mayo and about 2tsp of mustard. Mix really well. Throw in the whole bag of cheese and mix it up. Now comes the hard part: opening the stupid tubes of pizza crust! Whose idea was this anyways? It takes longer to open them, than it does to prepare this pizza. Anyways, if you ever get it open, take some waxed paper and tape it to your counter top. Place the pizza dough down,rolled out and roll it out to the size of a jelly roll pan. Pick up the whole thing using the waxed paper and put it on the greased jelly roll pan. I use PAM. Pull off the waxed paper and use your fingers to stretch it out all the way and up the sides a bit. Sprinkle the bottom crust with some parmasean cheese. Now toss all the veggies on the crust. Do the 2nd crust the same way as the first. I find this the easiest way to get it right. Stretch it out and use your fingers to push it down the edge squishing it to the bottom crust to seal. Use a knife to make some vents in the top dough. Lightly oil the top crust (I use EV Olive Oil) and sprinkle with more Parmesean cheese. put it in a 400F oven for about 35 minutes or until golden brown. I cut mine into 8 servings. It's very filling and more than enough for 3 men and me. We still have leftovers! I should add, it tastes really good cold the next day.
4. Oven-roasted herb chicken with Parma crackling and pan sauce
4. Oven-roasted herb chicken with Parma crackling and pan sauce
Here you see the chicken ready to eat, and on the side the pan sauce with the Parma crackling on top. (The Parma ham was removed before carving and broken up into smaller chunks to add some texture to the pan sauce.) I was very happy with the look, smell, and even the taste of the chicken. The Parma ham cripsed up really well, and the taste of the herb butter and saffron softly permeated the flesh. The light acidity in this somewhat dark gravy worked well against the mild gamey taste of the chicken, which was almost duck-like in flavor. Unfortunately the chicken was extremely tough. I never knew chicken could be so chewy... I'm thinking these birds were more "free weight" than "free range" - they must have pumped some serious iron! [After looking into it a bit and discussing this with others, it seems more likely that the chicken was "too fresh" at the time that I had prepared it, and therefore was still in rigor mortis... With the leftovers the next day I started to turn it into a soup, slow cooking it overnight and eating it the next evening. That was finally enough to break down enough of the tissues to be "fall off the bone" tender, but there still remained some sections that stubbornly refused to yield to any of the extra cooking time... Me thinks I should try this again on a "regular" store bought-bird... Live and learn!] 4. Oven-roasted herb chicken with Parma crackling and pan sauce Sunday, April 09, 2006

fresh ham cooking times
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