Open Source


The free open source initiative is a wonder.

I use so much software written by so many people. I tried to list projects and thank individuals, but the list is too long, and I am not sure that I am able to rate the projects by their importance. So if you ever contributed to the open source community, I thank you!

As a way of gratitude, I make an effort to contribute as much as I can, mainly to existing projects.

Alon Bar-Lev <>

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Operating System

I recommend using Linux operating system, and specifically Gentoo distribution. I believe that Gentoo distribution is currently the only one that is compatible with the open source philosophy,

Open Source Projects

PKCS#11 in Open Source

Hardware cryptography (Smartcards) support is missing in open source community, mainly because there is no consensual standard regarding how to access these hardwares.

RSA Security published PKCS#11 standard, which addresses exactly this issue. However only few open source projects implemented PKCS#11 support.

The lack of hardware cryptography support is mainly a result of a conceptual dispute between Muscle, OpenSC, GnuPG and OpenSSL projects. Each believes that it is the most appropriate standard. The result is known to everyone - No proper hardware cryptography support is available in open source.

Muscle and OpenSC provide PKCS#11 provider, although not the mainline interface, can be used in standard environments.

My mission is to integrate PKCS#11 support in as many major open source projects as I can.

A list of project I cooperate with:

PKCS#11 Helper Library
Simplify integration with PKCS#11 tokens
PKCS#11 Support in OpenVPNSmartcards support in OpenVPN
PKCS#11 Support in OpenSSHStnadard smartcards support in OpenSSH
PKCS#11 Support in QCASmartcards support in Qt Cryptographic Architecture
PKCS#11 Support in GnuPGStandard smartcard support in GnuPG
PKCS#11 Key Module for eCryptfs
Smartcard support in eCryptfs Linux filesystem
PKCS#11 Support in GnuTLS
Smartcards support in GnuTLS
PKCS#11 Support in MySQL
Smartcards support in MySQL
Linux Disk Encryption IntegrationLinux, suspend, Loop-AES, fbsplash, Smartcards

Other activity

Partial list:

GentooGentoo Linux crypto and mobile
Gentoo Docs
 Gentoo Linux own documentation
OpenSCOpen source smartcard provider
Linux hibernate utility
uswsupLinux usermode suspend, build and fbsplash
MP3 tags converter
Linux Kernel
Minor cleanups
Dynamic command-line (2.6.21)

PKCS#11 Utilities

Some utilities available at here.

Generic Utilities

Some utilities available at here.