Aloke Sarkar, The Creative Destroyer

To me sacrifice through Knowledge is superior to sacrifice performed with material things. For all actions without exception culminate in Knowledge. To me there is no purifier as great as Knowledge. I realize on mastering my senses, exclusively devoting to my practices and on full of faith, I can attain Knowledge. (Courtesy the Bhagavad-Gita 4.33, 4.38, 4.39)

Adam was the first leader to drop the ball. The Five Reasons for Adam's Faulty Communication or Poor Security to Information are (1) Failing to take stock – ignoring some details of message to be communicated; (2) Failing to scaling down – influenced by Eve; (3) Failure to lock information – no accountability; (4) Failure to pitch information – disobedience; (5) Failure to plan ahead – no responsibility for faulty communication. Many leaders continue to duplicate Adam's mistake by shrinking their responsibility at home, in the neighborhood, in the job etc. They forget that although Adam's failure had started at home, but devastated the entire world. The whole mess can be traced back to one spineless refusal to lead. [Courtesy:MAXWELL LEADERSHIP BIBLE, 2nd edition, by Maxwell John C. and Elmore Tim. ]

I. MY DENOMINATION (https://twitter.com/Adriza2005/status/1161298498660159488?s=0808): Radix Processor, Interlaced Binary Search (IBS), Secular Computer, Organizational Wisdom (OW), Artificial Wisdom (AW), The Manager, & Myself.

1. Radix Processor (RXP): Hardware Realization Of High Level Language Processor

For a digital system to control an analog system with multiple variables, there is need for a multiprocessor environment owing to time delays and complexities associated with analog to digital and digital to analog conversions. This multiprocessor environment can be simplified if there is a direct hardware interpreter for high-level language. This interpreter (Radix Processor – modifMODIFYied Von Neumann architecture) works, reads and writes in a number system other than binary. The weight of an analog signal (voltage, current, time) is used to represent weight of a digit in a number system other than binary. Data processing circuits (addition, subtraction, input, output) are developed to work with this digit representation in parallel to a binary Von Neumann processor. These circuits are designed on resemblance to their binary counterparts e.g. similar to R-2R ladder digital to analog converter output circuit [resistive ladder] is developed using four types of resistances. The architecture has possibility not only to generate multiprocessor environment in single processor but also to use fast acting electronic circuits for hardware realization of different mathematical functions.

2. Interlaced Binary Search: Multiple Items’ Binary

AbstractThe interlaced binary search (IBS) is developed to counter deficiencies of binary search (BS) that are inability to search multiple (n) items in one scan through the sorted list of 2q items and search efficiency is limited by q. IBS is specially developed to be implemented in hardware using digital logic gates. IBS brakes down the sorted list into small groups and apply separately BS in each group. Groups are formed as per input items that are to be searched for. For sufficient number of input items IBS is advantageous over BS. Two implementations of IBS are also defined – multiple inputs analog to digital converter without input multiplexing instead parallel read and compare, and data encoding.

Index Terms— Algorithms, Data compression, Delta modulation, Digital arithmetic, Information theory.

3. A Secular Approach To Computer Science

Absract: The secular approach to computer is an attempt to uncork the computer science Champagne for all. Many a persons are working with computer’s hardware, software and as end user. Many of them have a little realization of the computer as a whole. But computer is nothing but the system we are running through since our birth to end. We have to realize it.

Key Words: Computer Architecture, Hardware, Firmware, Sofware, Program, Algorithm, Flow Chart, Syntax, Multi-level machine, Translation and Interpretation.

4. Generate Organiztional Wisdom

Abstract -- In today’s information driven world ‘continuous learning and subsequent implementation’ is the only way to survive. This requires wisdom. Wisdom can be classified as a type of propositional knowledge that allows believing without sufficient evidence and not believing with sufficient evidence. Wisdom can be generated on successful coding of tacit knowledge. This will look for a learning organization. A learning organization can be termed as a system of network that has a lot of communication links for information exchange among its nodes or else parts.

Key Words: Tacit Knowledge, Wisdom, Social Learning Cycle, Core Competence, and Learning Organization.

5.The Managerial Effectiveness & KM

Absract: The knowledge management (KM) is the key since early ages for development of human civilization. KM is the antidote for bureau-pathology (BP), the dysfunctional aspects of bureaucracy. KM is the process of enriching the wisdom on efficient execution of the intelligence improvement loop that collects wisdom modules as data, creates informaion to crash it into knowledge quanta (KQ). KQ are to be conceived in long term memory network to enrich or generate wisdom module. The effectiveness of a KM system is directly proportional to the truth and inversely proportional to the desire. It must allow an individual to realize own limitations, self-weight with respect to others through an unbiased reasoning, cause & effect analysis of his/her actions, inactions (the actions that are not performed by) and prohibited actions (the actions that are being prohibited by the system). If successfully designed, implemented and executed the KM system will do what Lord Krishna of the Bhagavat Gita or the God of the Bible had done.

Key Words: Bureau-pathology, Psychological Conflicts, Organizaional Wisdom, Organizaional Inellect, Wetware, Software, and Knowledge Managers.

6.1 Artificial Wisdom: Perspective

Wisdom may be incorporated in an intelligence system as artificial wisdom (AW). AW may be defined as the process of indwelling existing wisdom that is formed from conceiving knowledge. Knowledge is formed on crashing structured information. Indwelling is the process of generating links among different knowledge modules. Links will have strengths that will define the efficiency of the AW. Strengths will depend on the metafunction equivalents of the background of knowledge that are analyzing, synthesizing and imagining, and valuing. These metafunction equivalents are to be set against key temperament characteristics of AW that are ‘allergy to ambiguity’, ‘conformity’, ‘rigidity’, ‘starved sensibilities’ etc. Wisdom is the part of the propositional knowledge part of the background of knowledge that is a mean between two extremes of believing without sufficient evidence and not believing with sufficient evidence.

6.2 Unlocking the Quest for Artificial Wisdom as Integration of Artificial Intelligence with Desire


Wisdom = Knowledge + Desire. Desire = Need - Knowledge of Self - Unbiased Reasoning. Wisdom is the process of dynamic correlations among knowledge quanta (KQ), and desire quanta to generate new knowledge, and desire quanta, that in turn generates new propositions as priori, or, counterbalanced, or self-presenting to have 'true belief de re' to enable belief without sufficient evidence or dis-belief with sufficient evidence. Dynamic correlation procedure is the use of generalizability thesis (GZT) to synthesize inside intelligence improvement loop (IIL). The collection of data, creation of information, crashing of information to KQ and conceiving of KQ in long term memory (LTM) on generation of explicit links to other KQs those are already in existence and subsequent generation of wisdom module to be collected as data is termed as IIL. We may define artificial wisdom (AW) as integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with desire. AI is the p proposition of GZT, desire is the q proposition, and r is the integration operator (INO). Thinking and creation is manifestation of dynamic correlation of desire with knowledge. INO should have two parts - integration process (IP) and integration rules (IR). IP will be the set of propositions to effect the AI to satisfy needs. IP always follows IR to fulfill the growth needs. As per IIL the set of rules or algorithms are the scholar’s capability to reference different KQ simultaneously. The edge of discovery comes from the effectiveness of the parallel processing activities of the multiprocessor environment that again in turn depends on the rules and algorithms defined with propositional knowledge. The thinking capability of AW is to be branched out in 'mutually exclusive and/or inclusive' hardware and software standardizations. The term 'mutually exclusive and/or inclusive' refers a multiprocessor parallel processing system, with simplified linking and loading scheme to work in real time. That is a machine that can behave, think like a human and be trained or else upgraded with very simple instruction sets. This seems to be easier if there is a hardware interpreter for high-level language. It is interpreter because while referencing a KQ for any (possible) remark, KQ will interpret only the present information (focal knowledge with respect to the comprehensive whole for which it is called for).

7. About Me

Whenever there is decay of righteousness, and exaltation of unrighteousness Manager comes forth. The foolish disregard Manager when clad in human semblance, ignorant of Manager’s conceptual skill. Manager cannot cling to the word of the Veda, saying there is nothing else. After realizing own limitations Manager has to bring changes through teamwork and lifelong evaluation of practices and processes. (Courtesy the Bhagavad-Gita 4.7, 9.11)

II. MY VISION: Creative & Unbeatable.

1.To Be Creative Or Else Creative.

2. No Burden Just Can Beat Me But Strategic Retreat.

III. MY SKILL SET: Manager, Human, & Team Member.

Being a Manager I perform through: * no malice towards all beings but friendly and compassionate, rid of 'I' and 'mine', balance in joy and sorrow, forgiveness; * not being a source of annoyance to my fellow members; * not feel vexed with fellow-members; * freeness from delight and envy, perturbation and fear; * wanting nothing; * pureness internally and externally simultaneously; * being wise and impartiality; * rising above all distractions and renouncing the sense of doership in all undertakings; * dealing equally with friends and foes; * being same in honor and ignominy; * likeness in heat and cold, pleasure and pain, and other contrary experiences; *being free from attachment and taking praise and reproach alike; *giving to contemplation and contending with any means of subsistence available, entertaining no sense of ownership and attachment in respect of my dwelling place. (Courtesy: the Bhagavad-Gita 12.13 - 12.19)

Being a human I am an atheist and used to strive with Pope, while I am at Rome. Since I have no craving for the fruit of actions, actions do not contaminate me. I see actions in inactions, and inactions in actions. I search for the truth about actions, inactions and prohibited actions. I perform actions only with my senses, mind, intellect, and body as well, without the feeling of mine in respect of myself and shaking off attachments simply for the sake of self purification. (Courtesy: the Bhagavad-Gita 4.14, 4.18, 4.17, 5.11)

To deal with ambiguity and work in team I take the Knowledge as the greatest purifier but covered with the eternal enemy of the wise viz. the Desire that is insatiable like fire. The senses, the mind, and the intellect are declared to be the seat of the desire. The desire screens the light of the Truth through these seats and deludes the embodied soul. The senses are greater than the body, but the mind is greater than the senses. The mind is empowered with the intellect that is again ruled by the SELF. To deal with ambiguity and work in team I have to know the SELF and subdue the mind by reasoning to kill this enemy (the Desire) that is hard to overcome. (Courtesy: the Bhagavad-Gita 4.38, 3.38 - 3.43)

Technical Experience:

Automation, Process Control, & Instrumentation.

! 27 years of engineering experience in Steel Industry in Industrial Automation & Instrumentation, including 19 years of front line management experience. ! Team leadership skills to lead in multitasking complex and hazardous environment of Blast Furnace (BF) -- Electrical. Empowered with wisdom of continuous development through out professional carrier that started from the bottom most post of Steel Industry – Unskilled Worker since I was just 18 years (AD 1987) to the present post of Sr. Manager on acquiring two eng. degrees – electronics & communication and computer, and published research papers in Management ! Quick learner, motivated self-starter, with solid technical problem-solving skills. ! Strong Customer focus and ability to interact with customers. Being a frontline executive in the complex work environment of Blast Furnace I always interact with different agencies – internal and external. ! Strong verbal and written communication and presentation skills. Presentation and Publication of thirteen papers of computer science and socio-psychological management origin. ! Insight and skill to effectively manage/deal with cultural differences. Origin in West Bengal. and continuing in other state. ! Ability to work under aggressive date-driven schedules. Working under complex, hazardous environment of BF and simultaneously enriching knowledge base. ! Excellent tactical execution skills. Common theme to work in the complex, hazardous environment of BF. ! Excellent Problem solving and analysis skills. Best described with inventions and thoughts. ! Excellent multi-tasking skills. Working in complex environment of BF and simultaneously inventor and thinker. ! Ability to drive cross-functional development Refer my development ramp. ! Mechanical aptitude. Working as Frontline Engineer-Manager in BF with continuous interaction with operation and mechanical counterparts to run through mechatronic equipments. Experience in Industrial Hydraulics, Field Instruments, Control Valves, Weighing Systems, LT Power Distribution Equipments, PLC (Siemens and Rockwells) etc. maintenance of AC/DC Digital/Analog electrical drives (Thyristorized /Conventional), electronic weighing, gas cleaning plants’ equipments etc. and as Senior Technician in Primary Mills Area (Blooming & Slabbing Mill, Forge Shop, Compressor, Boiler) – maintenance of pneumatic & electronic control system for reheating furnace temperature, fuel flow control etc. ! Knowledge of (1) analog and digital circuit theory and principles; (2) software design and engineering theory and principles. Inventor in Computer Sc. and Thinker in Management

V. MY ACTION PLAN: Sincere, Responsible, & Reliability.

To perform duties through Yoga of possessing equipoise mind, renouncing the fruit of actions and freeness from shackles of birth. (Courtesy: the Bhagavad-Gita 2.48, 2.51)



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