Testimony by Daniel Kikawa

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"A Call to the Nations" Conference
Testimony by Daniel Kikawa

A conference like "A Call to the Nations" that was held at First Assembly of God Moanalua on June 23-25, 2005, cannot be described by talking about the great teaching or showing pictures of the worship because it doesn't describe the true heart of the Culture Gate or the experience, but I can give a couple of examples that may reveal more of the heart of this conference:

About the teaching:

It was all about the Love of God for His creation. After teaching on reaching Buddhists and Japan and showing the video we created to reach Japan, a woman from Japan came to thank me for it. Through an interpreter and in between weeping, she said, "Now I know God did not forget Japan. Now I know God loves Japanese people." This is tremendously significant because she is a Japanese missionary. If this Japanese missionary just realized that God did not forget Japan and that He loves Japanese people, no wonder less than 1% of Japanese are in church! No wonder so few non-Western peoples come to Christ, they don't really realize that God loves them just the way He created them, they think they have to change who they are to be loved by God! Jesus and Paul used this way of teaching to great effect and we were blessed to have the foremost in the world in this field gathered in Hawaii to teach about it. We had teaching just as impacting about reaching Muslims, Hindus, Native Americans, Hawaiians and those of many cultures.

The Culture Gate is not about culture. It is about the love of God for people. Culture does not make people, culture flows from the diverse beauty God placed in the souls of his children. We are not to change who we are, but purify this beauty and bring it back to Him as a precious gift, pleasing to God.

About the worship:

It was wonderful worshipping with the Hana halau as they danced combining the descriptive power of Western song and sign language and the flowing beauty and grace of the hula awana. It was hearing a symphony with powerful drums and flowing strings. We rejoiced with the Fijians and African Americans in their wonderfully diverse cultural costumes each bursting with their own colors and individual beauty, as different as a rose and pikake flower, dancing before the Lord together and learning their dances from one another in the fullness of the Spirit and Truth of who they are, in complete freedom and acceptance.

We were watching the beginnings of a magnificent bouquet of flowers of individual beauty, with their diverse colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances, being created by the Master's hand; the beginnings of Rev. 7:9 when every nation (ethnos or ethnic group), tribe and tongue will gather before the throne in worship to God. What a magnificent beautiful time that will be, with eternity to learn each others dances, songs, and instruments; and eternity to create beautiful different bouquets of worship for our God!

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