Endorsements (English)

God's Fingerprints in Japan

"Dear Daniel, I've just watched “God’s Fingerprints in Japan.” Thank you. It was almost too much for me. After seeking to communicate to Japanese people their beauty for so many years, I now know that we have the key to open the correct door. I cried all through the last 15 minutes because I know that this beautiful production will be the tool in the hands of humble people that will dismantle the strongholds and set free the true worship of Japan. We would like to use this video as a central part of our missionary work in Japan and to use it as an example for our missionaries around the world, of how to present the gospel to indigenous peoples."

John Dawson
John is the author of the best-selling book, Taking Our Cities for God and the groundbreaking, Healing America’s Wounds. He is the president of YWAM (over 15,000 full time staff and over 100,000 short term missionaries yearly in over 600 mission bases in more than 150 nations, founder of the International Reconciliation Coalition and a member of the Board of Regents of the University of the Nations (A Bible college with over 277 campuses in 98 nations, 51 languages and 14,000 students from 162 nations annually).

“Daniel and Yolanda, I watched ‘God's Fingerprints in Japan’ just now.  How stirringly informative!  When you are ready to distribute it, I will be eager to purchase copies in quantity for my seminar book tables. God bless you both!”

Don Richardson
Many consider Don to be the father of modern Culture Based and Culture Specific Evangelism. Don is one of the most sought after and respected missionary speakers in the world. He wrote two best-selling books, The Peace Child and Lords of the Earth, and the Christian Review’s Christy Award winner, Eternity in Their Hearts. He is a contributor to the Perspectives curriculum for the U.S. Center for World Missions and recently authored the book, Secrets of the Koran.

"Thank you for your in depth research that is giving us keys that I believe will help us reach modern day youth in Japan."

Loren Cunningham
Founder of YWAM, President - University of the Nations International.

“We know from Scripture that all humankind originally were worshippers of Jehovah.  Are there any vestiges of that knowledge of the true God in ancient societies?  In that case, conversion of non-Christians would be a return to their own, original religion.  What an exciting, provocative quest Daniel Kikawa is on!”

Herbert Hoefer
Dr. Hoefer served for 15 years as a missionary of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod to India.  He currently is Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Portland, Oregon, and LCMS Area Director for India and Sri Lanka. He is the chairman of the Rethinking Hindu Ministry Forum. His writings have been primarily on the subject of faith and culture, most notably in the book Churchless Christianity about the non-baptized believers in Christ in India. He has written articles for Missions Frontiers magazine (US Center for World Missions).

"The Japanese are, in many ways, a people who have the humble, poor-in-spirit, servant hearts that Jesus so often talked about. It comes as no surprise that somewhere, in some way, our gracious Father has implanted His very heart of love within the hearts of the ancient Japanese culture."

Dr. Joseph Naoshi Ozawa 
Consultant Psychologist - Tokyo, Japan
Board Member, International Reconciliation Coalition

“This film astutely and articulately portrays the Japanese pursuit to worship their Creator God. Its historical-cultural approach reconciles the Japanese culture with Christianity. Sensitive and passionate, this video causes the viewer to embrace the uniqueness of the Japanese culture that God created and loves. This is a must see video for those intending to evangelize Japan through God's eyes and heart.”

Dr. George Nagato
District Superintendent for the Hawaii Assemblies of God
Bachelor of Science:  Bethany Bible College (Bible and Pastoral Theology)
Master of Arts: Santa Clara University (Counseling/Psychology)
Master of Arts: Fuller Theological Seminary (Theology)
Doctor of Ministry: Fuller Theological Seminar

"This video convinces us that it is not a contradiction to be Japanese and a Christian."

Chiori Kawamoto
National Leadership Team, YWAM Japan

“Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth, you who go down to the sea and all who are in it, you islands, and all who live in them." Isaiah 42.10 May God use this beautiful film to fulfill Isaiah's ancient vision in contemporary Japan. How can they sing unless their hearts are deeply touched by a God they comprehend?”

Mark Blair 
Director, International Christian Fellowship Almaty, Kazakhstan  
M.A.R. and Th.M. Westminster Theological Seminary
Professor of Theology, Church of Uganda (Anglican), 1983-90
Pastor of Haili Church, 1991-97
Missionary to Kazakhstan, since 1998.
Visiting Professor, Central Asian Theological Seminary
Former Director and Professor, Kazakhstan Evangelical Christian Seminary

“So many of us have labored for so many years here in Japan, and before us, literally thousands lost their lives to martyrdom; all to see God reach this wonderful people who some say are the ninth wonder of the world (for example, economically). This video may be an answer to prayer towards that end!! Let's believe so!!”

John LaDue
Missionary in Japan for twenty two years

“Daniel Kikawa’s passion to build bridges into all cultures is very rewarding and powerful. When I first read the research on the name of the Creator God of Japan, I knew that this was a journey of discovery that would bring a new bridge of validation of the living God in the Japanese culture. This research is very culturally sensitive and scholarly. I highly endorse this film and look forward to seeing its impact in Japan.”

Samuel Webb
President of Grace Bible Ministries International, a network of churches and ministries in Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, and abroad. Five years as a missionary to Guam from 1972-77. Since 2001 – International Apostolic Team of Morning Star International

My grandparents imigrated from Okinawa to Hawai`i about a hundred years ago.  It took them almost their entire lifetimes to come to understand that Jesus could be their own Savior and God.  For them, Jesus had been a god for the foreigners and not for Asians.  When I saw "God's Fingerprints In Japan" even as a third generation Asian American, my heart cried out, "Jesus is the God of the Asians as well!"  I have seen it three times and each time, I have cried.  The impact of this film will be profound upon us in Hawaii but it will go far beyond to the mainland, to Japan, to Brazil, and beyond.

Cal Chinen
Pastor - Moanalua Missionary Church
Founder - Light up Hawaii
Founder - Transformation Hawaii

“The genius of this film and this project is not in the discovery of the evidence that proves our Christian God exists in Japan, but in how that evidence is presented. The inability to discern cultural differences is what prevents the presentation of our God in a culturally acceptable way.  This is especially true with Japan. The Japanese people are so culturally different from us Americans that not accounting for this difference is what has kept Christianity from them. When you view the film, watch it from the perspective of the Japanese culture and its people. It is an amazing film.”

Gary Okino
Honolulu City Councilman

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