Daniel Kikawa

Daniel Kikawa, B.S., Ph.M., Ph.D. (Intercultural Studies), is the president of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries, a ministry to indigenous peoples, and the Senior Pastor at Hilo Missionary Church in Hilo, Hawaii. Daniel has been researching cross-cultural issues for over 35 years. He has taught at conferences, seminaries and churches on every continent. London Theological Seminary, The University of the Nations, and many other seminaries have been granted permission to use examples from his book, The “Cross-Cultural Evangelism Game,” in their missiology classes. Fuller Theological Seminary is also using portions of this book in their class ME500: Serving and Communicating Cross-Culturally. Daniel has written three books (Perpetuated In Righteousness, The Cross-Cultural Evangelism Game, and God of Light, God of Darkness), produced two indigenous music CDs and two films (God’s Fingerprints In Japan 1 & 2).

Teaching And Pastoring Ministry

Daniel Kikawa teaching at a missionary school in Thailand.

Daniel Kikawa is one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the scriptural, historically proven and extremely effective but little understood fields of Culture Specific and Culture Based Evangelism. By inviting Daniel to teach at your church, school or conference, you will have one of the foremost in this field teaching how to relate the love of Jesus to indigenous peoples. You will also have available to you through Daniel, the resource of an advisory base of the foremost in the field.

Emailed Testimonies From Students:

A missionary student’s e-mail to her instructor:

I thought Daniel Kikawa did a fantastic job. He has a real gift for demonstrating the need for presenting the gospel in the culture of the people. His games and stories really bring the message home. In a way, I think it would be great if he could speak in cdts and dts every quarter. This message is so key. As westerners particularly, when we go on outreach we can be so results-oriented, wanting to see lots of fruit, so we don't always take the time needed to even learn the culture.


Dear Daniel Kikawa, 

It's already been a week since your teaching, but I am still dwelling on lots of your points. Your sure stuffed lots of brilliant concepts and stories into a short time! And I wish I had recorded the comments afterward. Actually, many were more heavy sighs and AH HA's than words. 

I have had fun talking to my Japanese friend about your video too, she really learned a lot on Thursday AM. 

I do not know when our next class will occur, but I will recommend you for more than one class for sure. I have also told many school leaders about you and hope that you will be welcomed more and more in months to come. 

Aloha, Libby 

Libby Carolan
IMPACT Center - University of the Nations
Cambodia Focus Team Leader; Perspectives Coordinator

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