Cool Hotels In Dallas - Motel For Sale In Usa.

Cool Hotels In Dallas

cool hotels in dallas
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Dallas Lights
Dallas Lights
Stayed at this little boutique hotel, The Belmont, in Dallas. Ok, yes, it was off the beaten path from Dallas. I think the nearest building was a tanning factory. Anyway, they put me up in a nice little room with a balcony. I caught these shots at about midnight, shooting with my new baby -- the 85. The lights on the balcony against the Dallas sky were pretty cool. How can I not love the bokeh on this lens? You could put Abe Vigoda in the background and it would smooth out his face.
Downtown Dallas - Train Stop Clock Explore #382
Downtown Dallas - Train Stop Clock  Explore #382
Cool sunflower shaped multi-faced clock on the train stop next to the hotel. Taken from the side of the Plaza of the Americas building in downtown Dallas, Texas. Around 8:00 PM. A recent business trip to Dallas provided some limited opportunity to walk around and shoot some photos. I took advantage of the opportunity. UPDATE - Flickr Explore #418 January 18, 2009

cool hotels in dallas
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